Sunday, July 13, 2008

Meet Me

Before I dive into the random thoughts that I expect to occupy most of the posts in this blog, I figure I should give myself some sort of introduction, beyond what is included in my little user profile. Perhaps it will offer the reader a bit of context for my future musings.

I grew up in a suburban New England town. I have two brothers--one older, one younger. My mother is Asian American, and my father is Caucasian American (funny how the "Caucasian" is generally perceived as redundant, while the "Asian" is necessary...). I love my family dearly.

In high school, I guess I was kind of an artsy person. I wore long skirts (actually, I still do this), was in the drama club (though I've always been an awful actress), and I took lots and lots of dance classes. My participation in these activities basically stopped after high school, though I still love musicals and dance.

I went to a very prestigious college, but it has yet to get me anywhere that the average state school couldn't have gotten me or even a salary that a high school diploma couldn't earn me. I don't blame this on the school, though. Since graduating, I have been completely at a loss as to what I want to do with my life, and my solution has been to follow the simplest path. I am working in a position that I didn't even have to apply for, at a place I worked one of my college summers. It is a tiny little environmental science lab essentially in the middle of nowhere where I do oceanographic research entirely from an office computer. I don't intend to stay here forever, but knowing my laziness and unwillingness to search for anything else to do... who knows how long I'll be here.

I am a huge fantasy fan. The books I read for fun are almost exclusively fantasy. My favorite TV shows and movies are generally sci-fi and fantasy, and I devote extensive hours of my free time to fantasy and sci-fi computer games. No Sims for me--I will not waste my time with such mundane things (though I did play SimCity 2000... back in the day when "2000" sounded futuristic).

I also have this strange fascination with the entertainment business, particularly movies and TV. I'm usually only peripherally aware of current politics and finance, and I never know anything about sports, but I'm always sure to know about the latest box office triumphs or flops. You know, the stuff that really matters.

Fantasy, sci-fi, and movies to occupy me while I search for the meaning of my life... I guess that's me in a nutshell. The rest I leave to other posts.


Addendum: Meet My Blog

I should note here that I am creating this blog mostly for myself. I am the kind of person who has a very strong inner dialogue (and I do mean dialogue, not monologue), and I've been feeling the need to write down some of the many scattered thoughts I have during the day. I don't particularly want people who know me to read this blog, though--it's a somewhat strange phenomenon that a person would rather total strangers know her inner musings than her friends and family, but I guess it makes sense, since strangers, detached from her world, can't really do anything with the knowledge. Anyhow, if I don't want people I know to read this blog, and I don't expect other people to care about it, why do I write a blog? Why not keep a personal diary? Oh, that's so last millennium. Besides, I seem to default to a conversational tone in a blog, unlike in a personal journal, which I find more entertaining than a record of events. And since I'm not opposed to other people reading my blog, if ever I feel I've made a post that might actually interest other people, then I would be willing to direct interested parties in my direction.

Additional note on how I use the "Labels" in my posts:
For the most part, I put the subjects of my posts and relevant items that I reference within the post in the Labels list. Labels listed in parentheses are referred to or quoted (at times loosely) in the post, but not named explicitly. Imagine the parentheses as a nudge and a wink.

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