Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chuck, Heroes turning into Lost

Is it just me, or are NBC's Monday shows turning into ABC's Lost?

Last night on Chuck at 8pm, we saw that former Drive Shaft rocker Charlie Pace has not only been reincarnated but also has reincarnated his rock career, now soloing as Tyler Martin. And all this in 3-D! A shadowy group of people want him dead, but I guess that's better than Desmond telling him that fate itself is out to get him.

Then, on Heroes at 9pm, a handful of our Heroes are on a plane that crashes. Peter apparently needs to touch people to absorb their powers, now; you gotta love it when they change things like that. Anyway, the preview for next week said that the lives of these plane crash survivors are about to change forever. Welcome to the Island, Heroes!

1 comment:

Sebastian said...

You beat me on the Heroes review! Damn!

It was certainly a turn for the slightly more sinister. I loved those orange jumpsuits and bags-over-heads. Awesome, and creepy!

I doubt we'll see a repeat of Lost though, as they all still have their super powers. But we shall see!