Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Game trailers that have me psyched!

So E3 was last week, and that means we got new trailers and videos to watch for highly anticipated upcoming games. Here are the two that have me squeeing:

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Mass Effect 2

Eeek! I loved the first Mass Effect, and this one will hopefully be like that but better. It looks darker, but that's the direction it was headed, and it's fine by me. I think the PC version of Mass Effect had fewer technical problems than the Xbox 360 version, but there were some inconveniences that they will hopefully clean up in ME2. The developers say that which characters died in your original campaign will be relevant in ME2, which is intriguing. I wonder how much the NPCs from the first game will factor into the sequel. Will Shepard get an entirely new team or keep some old friends?

TOR seems like just about the most ambitious project ever: an MMORPG that has more story content than all previous BioWare games put together. It's basically eight full, elaborate RPGs rolled into one, and an MMO to boot... Conversations will happen between player characters and everything. And it will all be voice acted. How many hours in the voice recording studio did that take? Whew! And though I was hesitant when I first heard about this game (as expressed in this rather uniformed post from the early days of my blog), because I've now already given in to the evil of MMOs, I'll have no reservations about playing TOR when it comes out!

I can't wait!!! Dragon Age: Origins is due out October 20, 2009. Mass Effect 2 is currently scheduled for release in Q1 2010. I saw it suggested somewhere that TOR would be out at the end of 2010, but there is plenty of time for that to get bumped back. I think I picked the wrong time to be going back to school, with all these games coming along to keep me busy. I'm so excited for all of them. I LOVE BIOWARE!


Sebastian said...

Yeah, TOR will be amazing -- at least, all signs point to amazing, and that's all you can hope for with MMOs before a public showing. MMOs have a way of being hyped up beyond all recognition and turning out to be shit -- but this... this could be awesome.

Here's hoping.

They said after they released ME1 to keep a hold of your final save, for ME2! I think I still have mine somewhere...

BioWare are good, but only because of Black Isle's work on the early D&D-based games :)

Eleni said...

I had been concerned that they would have trouble convincing me to play something other than a Jedi, but the idea of getting a completely different story depending on your class is very promising. Plus, I'm liking what I've heard about the smuggler class.

Luckily I'm a save-hoarder, so I definitely still have my final ME1 save. ME2, I'm ready for you!

Black Isle, RIP.