Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crabcat Industries

Some of you may already be acquainted with Holly Conrad, a lovely and talented blogger who comments here sometimes and who was one of my recipients of the Geek Girls Unite blog award a few months ago. If you haven't been following her in the past couple months, you should know that she has been up to some EPIC things.

As I mentioned in one of my posts this past May, Morgan Spurlock (Super-Size Me) is working with the likes of Stan Lee and Joss Whedon on a documentary about Comic-Con fans, to be called Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan's Hope. At that time, they were taking applications from people going to Comic-Con to find a handful of fans to follow for the documentary.

Holly, BioWare gamer geek and costume-maker extraordinaire, applied for the documentary and got a call-back interview and a request to make a ten-minute audition video. The video was AMAZING, showcasing her progress on two Mass Effect costumes--including an animatronic Grunt--and telling of her plans to enter them in the annual Comic-Con Masquerade. Kotaku picked up her video, and suddenly it had thousands of views. We were all rooting for her. Here is the video:

Really, given that video, how could the documentary people not want to feature her? Well, just before Comic-Con, the news broke that she and her costuming team had been chosen for the documentary! How awesome is that?

Holly Conrad (Verner) & Co. went to Comic-Con and totally rocked it. Check out this photo I poached from their Etsy site:

Felicia Day + Mass Effect = too much awesomeness to handle.

Their costumes and skit in the Masquerade earned three awards including Judges' Choice. Check out the video here. It's best if you know the game, but you can still appreciate the amazing costumes.

For the full story of their experience at this year's Comic-Con, I guess we'll just wait for the movie to come out next year!

But back to the present. Though Comic-Con is over, Holly's Normandy crew isn't ready to dock for good. They want to go to PAX in Seattle for a panel they've been invited to to talk about costume-making, animatronics, Mass Effect, etc., but they spent all their money on Comic-Con (those costumes are super expensive). They need some help. So if you are so inclined, you can go to Holly's blog and donate there. If you don't want to part with money without material gain, check out their Etsy store, Crabcat Industries. At the moment they are only selling Tali Bands (headbands made out of the fabric used for Tali's distinctive outfit), but they may have new stuff coming, and they do take requests.

So if you want to see Shepard, Tali, and Grunt take on PAX, make like Cerberus's secret donors and throw them some credit chits.


soft nonsense said...


I wish I had the time/talent/money to do something equally as epic...

Eleni said...

Seriously, they are unbelievably cool. I will never have a costume that comes close to being that awesome.

Angel said...

As my roommate and I watched this, we couldn't help but look out over our living room. I have my half wood puttied tonfas for Nizer Bruckheimer (Black Cat) on the table, my roommates wig for Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist on a wig head sharing the table, and my other roommates half finished coffin for Decus from Tales of Symphonia on the ground waiting for him to get home. Even surrounded by all this, the studio they crated in that garage left us shocked and awed in the most amazingly giddy way. Well played...

Eleni said...

Yeah, I so wish I had cool friends with a garage like that. Man.

Well, if you ever have a costume half (or a quarter in the case of Grunt) as cool as those, it will be a job well done.

Sebastian said...

OMG, sculpted female chestpieces IN REAL LIFE! I thought I'd never see one...

Very cool, though :)

I still haven't finished ME2 actually... oops.

Eleni said...

Is it really so appealing? Wouldn't it just be like hard lumps?

Anyway, it is kind of funny how armor in games is always one size fits all (though Mass Effect did have different armor for most species). Take the armor off Kaiden and put it on Ashley and it mysteriously grows boobs.

Come on, Seb. Get on it. How close are you?

Sebastian said...

Ya, fantasy armour is the best kind of armour!

In recent years I've had problems finishing RPGs (and adventure games). I finished Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, but other than that... I don't think I've finished a big game since then.

I actually have the last scene in DAO still unplayed! After the whole landsmeet and the token combat after that, I was totally bored :)

Eleni said...

Wow, you are so like my brother. Actually, he finished Mass Effect 2 and DAO, but NWN2, Guild Wars, and Morrowind are all games that he started playing, thought were really cool and convinced me to play them too, and then never finished them while I did finish. I know in NWN2 he's stalled right before the final dungeon. I'm particularly bitter about Guild Wars, though, because we were playing all the missions together as a team, and he stalled three missions from the end. Just wouldn't play them. I had to do them without him. He seriously couldn't spare two evenings to finish a game with his little sister? *Sniffle.*

Anyway, you've done the Landsmeet and everything? So are you before or after the...discussion...with Morrigan? And you'll never fully appreciate Sandal. Alas.

You have to finish Mass Effect 2, though! It's a spectacularly exciting ending. Really.

Sebastian said...

Yeah! I should finish it if only so I am up to speed for ME3 :)

I also failed to finish NWN2... and Oblivion... and Morrowind, though the latter suffered immensely from too-many-active-quest-ahhh-I'm-too-afraid-to-open-the-gameitis.

I finished Daggerfall though! Perhaps I had more endurance when I was younger...

(You can 'finish' Guild Wars? MMOs are meant to be unfinishable!)

Eleni said...

Yes, well Guild Wars "Prophecies" has a plot which is unfolded by beating a long series of missions. At the end of the last mission you fight the big baddie who's about to unleash tons of evil on the world, and when you kill him there's a big celebration with fireworks, inside jokes, and a unique item. This is what I considered "beating the game". You can repeat any of the missions as many times as you want, but it's only necessary to do them once to get access to the next mission. Of course, there's still Eye of the North, which has more areas to explore, including a bunch of dungeons that people make teams to go raid, but I haven't gotten very far there. And I haven't done PvP. Or joined a guild. So I'm not the most hardcore fan--even I have my limits--but at least I know what happened in Prophecies.

Morrowind I quit for a number of months before being able to go back to finish it. There was so much to do! I think I did everything except become a vampire or werewolf; I joined every other faction possible and advanced as far as possible in each one. Which is why it took so much darn time. It was a little ridiculous because your character gets so much stronger than all opponents that it's a joke. I killed the final guy with two or three chops of my sword, even though I started out thinking I'd be a spellcaster--hah!

NWN2 OC was pretty boring, I thought. I liked the expansion Mask of the Betrayer a LOT more. Fewer and more interesting characters, a plot with actual surprises, and it was pretty short. Beautiful, and much better done, in my opinion.