Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Hawaiian research cruise: Moloka'i

This was undoubtedly the most beautiful of the places we saw on our cruise: the sea cliffs on the north shore of Moloka'i. They're the highest sea cliffs in the world, rising 2000 feet above the water. The coastline isolated by those cliffs has been home to a leper colony, but I'm not sure exactly where it is along the coast.

We got there around sunrise, which meant that I was up for my shift. The cliffs are gorgeous and majestic, decorated with varying clouds, and there were whales near shore. We were even close enough at our initial location that we could smell the pleasant mulch-y aroma of the jungle. We noticed one house situated on those cliffs, visible through binoculars. I don't know how the residents get there--I understand you can get to that shore from the rest of Moloka'i either by boat or by mule.

Well, without further ado, here are my photos of the sea cliffs of Moloka'i.

Cute little island in front of the cliffs, at sunrise

Another shot of the same. I couldn't decide which I liked better. Opinions?

Valley between the cliffs, a little after sunrise

The sea cliffs, now fully illuminated by the sun

The cliffs stretched as far along the island as I could see.

That little island in front of the cliffs again

Same but in portrait

Valley between the cliffs at sunset

Lovely sunset over the far cliffs. We've moved farther from shore at this point.

Another shot of the same, with some spray from a wave crashing on the distant rocks

If you like the sunrise and sunset photos, tomorrow, my photos of sunrises and sunsets face off against each other. Who will win?

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