Monday, September 12, 2011

Terminator the Second: Coming this October!

Last spring, a project seeking funding on Kickstarter caught my eye: Terminator the Second, a live theater production Shakespeare-esque retelling of Terminator 2. The genius of it was that it wasn't just taking the Terminator 2 script and adjusting its lines into mock-Shakespeare language (Verily, I shall return anon). It was taking actual lines from many of Shakespeare's plays, switching out the few necessary nouns and pronouns here and there, and using them to build its entire script. This sample, posted on their Kickstarter site, takes place after the Terminator first rescues John:
(Click for larger view.)

I loved the idea--the Bard does sci-fi!!!--and happily threw in some money to fund the project. As it turned out, it was such a successful Kickstarter project that not only did they reach the $3000 they'd originally set as a goal to fund the project, but they made a new goal for $10,000 and passed that, too! A bigger budget means better costumes, props, sets, and equipment, and hopefully a better show.

Well, the show is a go. William Shakespeare presents Terminator the Second, a Husky Jackal Theater Production, premiering at the Nashville School of the Arts, October 14th-17th. Tickets are $15. You can find more details on their lovely website.

Unfortunately, Nashville is a long way from where I am, so I won't be making the trip to see it. But if any of you are in the area, or happen to be going there in mid October, I highly recommend you check it out. And spread the word to anyone you know in the area. I think it's really going to be epic. If you like Terminator 2, or Shakespeare, or--even better--both (and I really can't see why you wouldn't like both), this show is for you. I excitedly await my copy of the DVD.

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