Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Dragon Age: Redemption Day!

We've waited a long time for this, but it's finally here. The first episode in Dragon Age: Redemption, Felicia Day's six-part web series set in BioWare's Dragon Age universe, was released today!

First, I'll link the trailer, which actually came out last week:

A fan of the Dragon Age games herself, Felicia Day was understandably thrilled when she got a call from BioWare asking her to write and star in a live action Dragon Age web series. And those of us who are fans of Felicia Day and Dragon Age (there are quite a lot of us) were thrilled as well. There's even downloadable content--Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin--starring her character Tallis available starting today. She gets to be in a video game! How awesome is that? (Yes, I'm getting a bit of vicarious geek pleasure out of the whole thing.)

They got some great people to work on the project (Doug Jones!), and considering the shoestring budget they had, the costumes, makeup, and sets look amazing. The episode is frustratingly short, as is too often the case with web series. I can't wait for the second episode to come out next week!

The story and setting will be more familiar if you've played Dragon Age 2, but it's not required--a few screens of text at the beginning tell you what you need to know about the world. Well, without further ado, here's the episode:

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Out of Sync said...

Cool well, I wouldn't say it was fantastic, but it definitely was pretty cool. However I didn't get much of a 'dragon age' sense while watching the episode, if anything it could of been a episode about absolutely anything, but I guess as the episodes progress more of the Dragon Age lore and theme will become more apparent.

And urghhhh Felicia Day is so cool!

Eleni said...

I'm impressed with how good it looks considering the low budget. And there's really only so much story you can get into in one short episode, but I think it shows good promise for the rest. And it seemed Dragon Age enough to me--Qunari, Templar, plus a good amount of fake blood :)