Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy FemShep Friday!

Today is FemShep Friday, so dubbed because today, BioWare has finally released the long-awaited FemShep Mass Effect 3 trailer! It's so badass, and I just love hearing Jennifer Hale's awesome voice acting. FemShep deserved to be in a trailer long before this, but hey, better late than never. The trailer is titled "Reinstated". Check it out below:

Sweet. I even dressed up in honor of this occasion:

I'll probably be wearing the same thing in a month for the launch of Mass Effect 3. Please note the shameless advertising for my Mass Effect N7 beaded bracelet, now available from my Etsy shop ;) Now that I think about it, I'm slightly concerned about the appropriateness of wearing to work a shirt depicting an alien getting its head blown off/splattered... But that asari is just so badass.

Speaking of asari, last night I went to a Japanese restaurant that had asari clams on the menu. I wasn't able to take a picture of the menu, but here's a screenshot of their online menu:

I can only assume that asari clams are a clam-like species from the asari home world, in which case this is a surprisingly good price for such an exotic import. I didn't order this dish, but I was awfully tempted!

Happy FemShep Friday!


Out of Sync said...

3 weeks until ME3 is released =D

Eleni said...

I can't wait!!!

Though it will cut into my SWTOR time. That's a problem, haha.

Vanessita said...

That beaded bracelet it pure awesomesauce, Eleni! Luv it! :3