Thursday, January 10, 2013

Big Island photos - Summer 2012

Since I finally posted my manta ray video from this past summer, I figured I might as well post a few photos from that Big Island trip.

View from the lanai of the condo we stayed in.
Sea turtle (honu) I saw while scuba diving at Honaunau
Whitemouth moray eel at Honaunau
Action shot of me diving at Honaunau
More turtle stalking, this time while snorkeling at Magic Sands Beach
You can't get away from me that easily, pretty turtle
My favorite shot of the bunch
The Housemate seen through a cloud of zooplankton at our manta ray night dive. Barest glimpse of a manta's gills above and to the left
Manta rays aren't the only creatures that show up to feast on the swarms of zooplankton. Here are some goatfish.
Actually the clearest still photo we took of the manta rays, along with the top of my head. My camera setup was not ideal for moving animals in dark, plankton-filled water, needless to say.
The Housemate took this photo of a banded coral shrimp in a tide pool behind our condo at dusk. Pretty awesome, I think.
We went night snorkeling at Magic Sands Beach and saw this aptly named yellowhead moray eel
We also saw this brown slipper lobster. Look at those reflective eyes!
I need a summer home in Kona. It's so very lovely.


Azz said...

Spectacular shots, I especially enjoy the ones of the turtle.

Kimolisa said...

I am so jealous right now, I can't swim to save my life but these pics make up for that. Great pics!!

Vanessita said...

Beautiful, beautiful shots! Must have been an unforgetable trip :)