Monday, September 15, 2008

George Takei weds

Original Star Trek star George Takei wed longtime partner Brad Altman in Los Angeles this past Sunday.

While Massachusetts has had same-sex marriages for years, it seems that the recent legalization of gay marriage in California has garnered a lot more attention, in part because so many celebrities live in California, and many of them are gay and letting people know about their happy marriages.

I haven't gotten political in this blog before, and it's not my intention to get very political. I generally try to avoid unneeded confrontations; in person, I've always been a bit of an appeaser--usually with things as simple as likes/dislikes of movies, foods, etc. ("That movie was so dumb." "I loved it!" "Oh, I just mean I wasn't really in the mood for it at the time...")--I don't like to offend people because of their opinions. In truth, there are some political or economic issues about which I don't see myself as informed enough to make a strong argument. But when it comes to certain social issues, I can be very passionate and get into heated arguments. But I don't want to get into any heated arguments here (with no one reading this blog, there's no one to argue with... though it does mean that I don't have to worry about offending anyone).

All I want to say here is this: I was watching Ellen DeGeneres' talk show last week, where she was showing a lovely video montage from her August wedding to Portia de Rossi. Now, I don't usually get sentimental over weddings, but I got a little teary-eyed watching the video. The wedding was so beautiful, and they looked so loving and happy together, I don't understand why anyone in this country would wish to deny them that joy.

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