Monday, September 1, 2008

New Pictures

Eleni is terribly pleased with herself right now. So pleased that she is referring to herself in the third person. She can be a little crazy. Ahem. Right, so I put a collection of seven screenshots/images from rpgs that I've played at the side of my blog, so it doesn't look quite so boring anymore. I'll have you know that lots of careful thought was put into the selection of these pictures. Of course, nobody's looking and no one's going to appreciate the pictures, but at least I'm very pleased with them. 10 points for each game and each character identified (though some are more obscure than others), plus 100 points for identifying what it is the compilation of pictures is referencing (I all but spelled it out with the titles) and why it fits with my blog's theme of "RPG called Life".*

On another note... Happy September! I can't wait for the weather to start acting like fall. Can't believe my long Labor Day weekend is almost over already, though. Somewhat pathetically, I spent the entire weekend holed up in my room reading. Finished A Game of Thrones, then went and read Watchmen. I may have to gush about the latter in a separate post, once I manage to wrap my mind around it and pull myself out of this funk that the combination of the two books has put me in. Doing my best to retain my faith in humanity. Hanging in there...

* Edit 12/14/08: I never really expected anyone to be interested in guessing. The explanation of the pictures is here.

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