Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Grad school decision

Time for me to stop moping. The decision has been made.

I got a call around 7pm tonight saying that today (the 15th) was the deadline to respond to UH. I had thought it was the 20th. I just sent my formal acceptance as well as notifications to the relevant professors (or whoever I thought was relevant--they did not make it abundantly clear in their letter to me just who the "us" was of "please respond to us").

I chose Professor B. I feel like crap. I should not feel like crap. I feel bad about not going with Professor A because I liked him so much and he tried so hard, but I should not feel bad because I think that Project B is better for me. But knowing that I shouldn't feel bad does not make me feel any better. I still feel like crap.

I need to go to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some sunshine (it has been surprisingly cold and rainy the past few days) and a little clarity.

...I would also just like to complain about forwarding someone's personal communications to other people. I took the time to write separate emails to Professors A and B as well as the department chair because I did not want to say the same things to any of those three people. So when the department chair goes and replies to me (with a copy of my original email to him attached) and cc's Professors A and B, it really pisses me off. Maybe they won't read it and even if they do it's not a big deal, but I specifically told the department chair that I was notifying Professors A and B myself, so I found his sharing of my personal email to him unnecessary and rude. Boy am I cranky. Okay, now it's really bedtime.


Ambles said...

Oh my God, I was cranky today too!

I actually wrote two posts for the very simple reason that the sound of my fingers hitting the keyboard was the only thing that would sooth me. That sentence was too long. I know this. Being correct is starting to bug me. Only because I find it so difficult to do lately.

Anyway, I hope you feel better.

Anonymous said...

I think it's one of those odd times of the year/month when suddenly ALL females are cranky. I blame the moon.

Now the decision is made, hopefully you will start to feel a bit better.

Sebastian said...

Ya, right... time of the year... *pats the ladies gently*

Hysteria, man, hysteria! The Greeks knew what they were talking about!

The good thing about decisions, Eleni, is that they're done, out of the way. There's absolutely no point feeling bad about them, because... well... it's done. Behind you.

After you make a decision it's all about looking FORWARD to what life will be like, post-decision-making!

I spend hours each day making decisions; important decisions. I don't often get the chance to think about them for a while either...

It's fun though, if you trust your instinct... :)

Eleni said...

Thanks for the support, everyone :-D

Hysteria... If I recall correctly, according to the ancient Romans, I should put stinky things near my nose and sweet-smelling things near my nether regions so my uterus will travel back down to where it belongs. Good plan. I'm sure that will make me feel much calmer.