Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Triple 100 Celebration!

Today marks Barack Obama's 100th day in office.

It also marks the airdate of the 100th episode of Lost.

Coincidence? Well, if that's not enough, today I make my 100th post!

My post frequency has picked up noticeably in the past three months. This is largely due to my increased enthusiasm brought by having actual readers (I really didn't do any publicity or networking in the first six months of the blog, content merely to be writing my thoughts down). I have also started making posts that are more about my personal life, rather than the almost exclusively sci-fi/fantasy/showbiz-themed posts I did before, which gives me more material. In any case, here I am at 100.

How should I celebrate this momentous occasion? I could look back at some of my favorite posts so far, but I've already singled out most of those in the sidebar to the right. I do sometimes wonder whether anyone has poked around in my older blog posts, though. Do you, dear reader, know the significance of the pictures decorating my blog's sidebar and header? Do you know what the subject of my "Mechanics of Solids" term paper was? Do you know what inspired me to write an awful (but rule-abiding) sonnet? Which Final Fantasy game have I played? Who directed my favorite commercial? Scavenger hunt!

Just kidding (unless you want to...). Many of my posts are probably not worth going back and reading, though you might be curious about the pictures and you would probably be amused by the term paper (really!). Anyway, to celebrate this day that is a 100 landmark for so many good things, I thought I'd make a list of 100 good things that I have written about on my blog (roughly in the order that I mentioned them).

100 Good Things I Have Talked About in My Blog
  1. Long skirts
  2. Lord of the Rings
  3. Harry Potter
  4. His Dark Materials
  5. Wheel of Time
  6. Shannara
  7. Redwall
  8. Watchmen
  9. Firefly
  10. Battlestar Galactica
  11. Lost
  12. Heroes
  13. Pushing Daisies
  14. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
  15. Chuck
  16. Star Wars
  17. Pirates of the Caribbean
  18. The Matrix
  19. Batman Begins
  20. The Dark Knight
  21. Iron Man
  22. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  23. X-Men
  24. Garden State
  25. Robin Hood: Men in Tights
  26. Baldur's Gate
  27. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  28. Neverwinter Nights 2
  29. Diablo II
  30. Morrowind
  31. Hellgate: London
  32. Mass Effect
  33. Pokemon
  34. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
  35. Neil Patrick Harris
  36. Joss Whedon
  37. Nathan Fillion
  38. Felicia Day
  39. Hawaii
  40. BioWare
  41. Justice League Unlimited
  42. Got Milk?
  43. Shakespeare
  44. Animaniacs
  45. Minsc (and Boo)
  46. Fringe
  47. Dr. Denethor
  48. How I Met Your Mother
  49. The Big Bang Theory
  50. Desperate Housewives
  51. Eli Stone
  52. Dollhouse
  53. Gay marriage
  54. Artificial languages
  55. Ice cubing
  56. Spider-Man: The Musical (the idea of it)
  57. Shindigs
  58. Ice-planets
  59. "The number of 'fleeting' penises we expect to see on broadcast television is zero."
  60. Sonic the Hedgehog
  61. Bad sonnets
  62. Homer in space?!
  63. The Bridge of Khazad-dûm
  64. Wicked
  65. Barack Obama
  66. Batman, Turkey
  67. Surge protector power strips
  68. Heath Ledger
  69. Avenue Q
  70. Life
  71. Wall-E
  72. Diablo III
  73. Million+ crowds in D.C.
  74. The Oscars
  75. Slumdog Millionaire
  76. Sea kittens
  77. Computer game romances
  78. Independence
  79. Free trip to Hawaii
  80. Mass Effect 2
  81. $1 billion movies
  82. Dev Patel
  83. "I haven't seen The Reader"
  84. Hapas
  85. Video game commerce
  86. Snow days
  87. Silhouette's kiss
  88. $4 candybars
  89. Vampires cooking
  90. The discovery of phosphorus (ew)
  91. McDonald's Taro Pie
  92. Susan girl power
  93. Going out
  94. Star Trek
  95. The Onion
  96. College nostalgia
  97. Cherry blossoms
  98. Scuba diving
  99. Rainbows
  100. Metaphysics
I'd also like to celebrate this 100th blog post by reformatting my blog. A bit. I will have to figure out a better color scheme at another date.

Anyway, I hope you've been enjoying my blog (and will continue to enjoy it). Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

I just had to go back and look at your old posts for Shannara...are they making a film of it? Really?
I'm trying to read the books but there's so damn many of them...I think I've read 4 or 5 and all out of sequence and that's CONFUSING because i'm finding out things when I shouldn't be, I think!

Eleni said...

The Shannara series is structured in sets (usually trilogies, but there's one stand-alone novel and one tetralogy). I've read the original trilogy (Sword, Elfstones, Wishsong), the Heritage of Shannara tetralogy (Scions, Druid, Elfqueen, Talismans), The First King of Shannara, The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara trilogy (Ilse Witch, Antrax, Morgawr), and the first of the High Druid of Shannara trilogy (Jarka Ruus, Tanequil, Straken)--in that order. With the exception of the original trilogy, I think it's pretty important that you read the novels within each trilogy/tetralogy in order. It's also good to start with the original trilogy.

That said, the only stories I can really remember are the original trilogy and the Heritage of Shannara tetralogy. I kind of remember Ilse Witch. They start to blend together, and like many long series, I think the ideas get a little tired. But I do love Elfstones!

Mike Newell is currently busy with Prince of Persia, which has had its release bumped back to next summer, but he might move on to Elfstones once he's done with that. Of course, that leaves plenty of time for the project to fall apart. We'll see if it happens.

floreta said...

haha i saw that 100 obama/lost thing via feministe!

congrats for you and 100 posts!!

Eleni said...


Yeah, it was too good of a coincidence to ignore.