Friday, May 8, 2009

"Sexy socks" guest post for Sebastian

Wow, today is a guest-post-apalooza for me. Funny how these things turn out. I now have a guest post up on Sebastian's blog. Sebastian is a geek in the greatest sense. He knows more than I do about gaming and musicals, he takes beautiful photos, details his strange and exciting adventures around the world, gives astute analyses of varied topics including geeks, love, and religion, and is quite funny. My post for Theories of Anything was all about my own fantasies. My guest post for Sebastian is more about fulfilling his fantasies!

Thus far, the pictures I've posted of myself on my blog have shown that I dress fairly conservatively and am partial to long skirts. The pictures I have put in my guest post for Sebastian are a bit different. Long socks, pointe shoes, and a miniskirt. For me, that's scandalous. Why am I wearing these things? It has something to do with Dollhouse, the season finale of which airs tonight on FOX at 9pm. For the rest of the story, though, you'll have to read the post!


Sebastian said...

'Eleni... you are the talk of the island.'

'Honest, grandpa, it was his idea, not mine. I am still as innocent as the morning dew on the back of a giant chelonian.'

You look good in that short skirt.

Eleni said...

Haha. Thanks. Maybe I'll have to rethink my wardrobe when I move to Hawaii.