Friday, May 21, 2010

Housemate to Antarctica

This weekend, on exciting personal news: The Housemate is going to Antarctica.

The plan is for him to head down there in November and stay for three months. Yes, my boyfriend will be living in Antarctica for three months!

I suppose this is one of the advantages of being an oceanographer. Not many people get the opportunity to travel to Antarctica in their lifetime (maybe not many people want to go--I hear it can be cold), but the percentage of oceanographers traveling to Antarctica is relatively high compared to the general public. Not all oceanographers get to go to Antarctica, of course, but a good number do at some point in their careers, though I imagine it usually isn't for a whole three months, and it's usually not in their second year of grad school.

So my boyfriend is going to be far away for three months. I should be worried about missing him. But really, all I am right now is insanely jealous. Antarctica! Living there! For three months! Come on! So frakking jealous! I mean, how awesome a blog would that be?

xkcd was way ahead of me here...

I should be the one going to Antarctica! The Housemate is a surfer, he'll be miserable spending three whole months in a place like Antarctica. I'm a gamer. I would be perfectly happy holed up in some research facility; as long as there's an electrical outlet, I'm happy. Man, I need to get a project in Antarctica. I'm sure there's got to be some interesting physical-biological interactions going on there for me to study. Revising my intended PhD research immediately...

*Sigh.* Here are some pretty photos of Antarctica. Not mine, of course, because I'M NOT FRAKKING GOING TO ANTARCTICA.

Frakking penguins on a frakking iceberg.

Frakking sea ice in the Antarctic winter.

Frakking perfectly calm water with frakking perfect iceberg.

Frakking awesome clouds.

Photos are from the blog UH Manoa Studying Climate Change in Antarctica. Check it out to see more photos. It's really cool. I'm also jealous of them.

I really need to get that scuba certification and start doing scientific dives around pristine coral reefs already. That might make me feel better.


Angela said...

Whoa, BEAUTIFUL pictures. Antarctica IS very pretty! If you need any long distance relationship advice, lemme know. ;) My wife and I were in one for four years before we met face-to-face. ^_^

Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

Kara said...

Someone's not at all jealous of Housemate's trip. ;) Hub has a friend who's an ichthyologist and has gone on two or three expeditions to Antarctica. He always makes us jealous with his pictures of super-cute penguins and seals. :)

Hope everything goes well for both of you over the three-month adventure.

Eleni said...

Hi Angela! I know, I was floored when I saw some of the photos those scientists took. The trip is still almost 6 months away. We'll see how I'm feeling once we get a little closer to his departure. But thanks :)

Kara - It's a three-month non-adventure for me. Did my bitterness come across in the post? Really, I'm very excited for him. And jealous. Also desperate to find a project in Antarctica that I can attach myself to, since my current work related to coral reefs won't get me anywhere near there.

RAY J said...

lol love the comic strip!

I have the habit of thinking that too when I'm out doing something fun - "oh this would make for a great blog post or facebook status!"

Eleni said...

Yeah, that's a classic xkcd comic. And so true--one of those "get out of my head!" moments.

cassey said...

Pretty pictures, but I'm sure when you dive near reefs you'll get great ones too. Three months apart is tough, but doable thanks to Skype.

Eleni said...

I guess it's that Antarctica seems even more exotic than tropical reefs.

Yeah, at least there's Skype.

Sebastian said...

I want to make some lewd comment about the Big Bang Theoryesque beard that he'll surely have on his return... but to be honest, I still have no idea HOW CLOSE YOU ARE to this so-called 'house mate'.

Gotta admit, the frakking penguins on the frakking iceberg is pretty damn beautiful.

Eleni said...

We've joked about the beard he'll grow in Antarctica. But not in a lewd way. I'm puzzling over that one now.

Yeah. Pretty frakking beautiful.

Unknown said...

Hi! I was just wondering how it went ! My boyfriend left 2 weeks ago to sub-antartica (The name of the island is : Crozet) so practically antartica.

My first reaction was like yours : happy for him with a hint of jealous. I love animals and seeing all those beautiful species has to be breath taking.

But my boyfriend is not going for 3 months, he is going for 13! And right now he is the boat somewhere and I am starting to miss him so very much !

Eleni said...


Wow, 13 months, I can't even imagine...

I missed him like crazy for those three and a half months, but luckily he had decent internet access so most days I was able to video chat with him at least a little. He even brought his laptop outside a few times to show me things like the sunset or some penguins or seals who had wandered close to the facility. He also shared lots of photos and videos, of animals, icebergs, and even some special Christmas photos involving him, board shorts, a Santa hat, plus icebergs and seals. It was exciting to see what he was up to. Looking back it doesn't seem like such a long time, but at the time I think it stretched on forever.

I hope your boyfriend has a good camera and decent internet access. Here's hoping you get to video chat with some penguins :)