Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Update: Final Exams

It's been a while. Finals week. Hell. Take home was due on Monday. Oral exam was Tuesday. Two down, one to go. Shame the last is the hardest--and that's saying something, considering my classes this semester. But Friday at noon = freedom.

So I've been bogged down by studying/coding/writing/scrawling equations on my office chalkboard for the past week and a half. The free time I have managed to find I've spent with my cousin who's been in town since last week Tuesday. She just got her master's in voice and will be going to study in Cincinnati for another degree (she's the silhouette performing in the photos from this old post). She leaves tonight. Shame she had to come during finals. Bad timing for me, but at least she had a good time (her friend was here vacationing with her, and she got some nice visits in with the grandparents).

I'll have further updates hopefully at the end of the week. For now, back to studying.

I can also derive the equation at the top straight from the momentum equations, but that would require at least half another board. Rossby waves rock.


Holly said...

That very scary....

Eleni said...

Well the professor didn't ask me to derive that one in the exam. I was actually a little disappointed--I was prepared.

Sebastian said...

Master's in Voice...? Singing? :P

I used to be great at maths... when I was 14 or so. Well, up until I was 14. Then something snapped -- a bad teacher -- and it all went to pieces.

I was actually prodigal when it came to mathematics! Bah.

Eleni said...

I guess it's technically a "Master's in Musical Performance - Voice", but yes... Singing.

Prodigal? You were recklessly extravagant with your usage of math? Maybe if you hadn't spent it all before you were 14, you'd still be good at it :P