Thursday, June 24, 2010

Humuhumu Epic Video!

As promised in Tuesday's post of photos from Hanauma Bay, here is the epic video of the humuhumunukunukuapua'a you have all been waiting for! Or, well, at least I've been waiting to post it.

Even though there is no sound to go along with this epic video (anyone have a suggestion for a good soundtrack?), I think it speaks for itself.

It really is a shame the camera didn't capture any sound for my epic video. Full disclosure: I made quite a comical scream into my snorkel as the fish lurched towards my fingers. I actually have a very early memory from my first trip to Hanauma Bay at the age of five, when I got my fingertips bitten by fish. I was bleeding and my dad had to walk me over to the lifeguard for some band-aids. So an alarmed shout into the snorkel was not out of line.

Really, I was kind of asking for it. I knew that the fish was being feisty/moody, but since usually when I film fish they swim away from me, I just had to get some more footage of the humuhumu. You can see the "trigger" on his back/on the top of his head go up and down. I never knew what it was for, but the fish seems to use it when he's alarmed, or maybe as a warning. And thanks to the fish coming in for a, uh, closeup, you can even make out the detail of its little scales. Pretty cool. I was planning that all along...

Well there you have it, my epic video. I am hoping to get a new underwater camera of my own this summer (as the one that filmed this belongs to my Housemate), which will take HD video that can zoom while filming and will have sound. So here's hoping for more epic videos to come.

By the way, my fingers are all fine, thanks for asking.


Sebastian said...

Not watched video yet -- watching Stevie Wonder at Glastonbury!! -- but: what camera are you getting...?

Eleni said...

Stevie!!! Cool!

Possibly a Panasonic Lumix TS2. From what I've been reading, it sounds like the best quality photos and videos in a tough (waterproof to 33 feet) package. I'm also considering maybe a Fujifilm XP10, which also takes HD video, but it doesn't take as good pictures (for one thing, the lens isn't as wide angle), has a battery life of only 165 photos, and only goes to 10 feet deep (still good enough for snorkeling). Thing is the TS2 costs $400 to the XP10's $200. You get what you pay for... Just have to decide what I'm willing to pay.

Sebastian said...

He's SERIOUSLY rocking it. And he's only 60... crazy. 5, 6 decades of awesomeness...

Go with the Lumix! I've heard good things about it... and probably the one I'd get for my Asia trip -- if I manage to get into SHAPE for the swimming.

Eleni said...

Well, if you endorse the Lumix... My birthday is coming up, so maybe my grandfather will give me money I can use to help with the purchase. And it comes in a lovely shade of turquoise (no, I'm not judging a camera by its cover!).

Sebastian said...

It's a lot prettier than the Canon offering!

There's also an orange version I think, though I don't know if it made it to market:;txt

I can't see any other that comes close on spec -- probably because the TS2's the only one that was released this year, I think.

Eleni said...

There are a few models that came out this year. The Fujifilm XP10 is new as is the Olympus Stylus Tough 8010, plus there's a new Pentax and offerings from Sony, Samsung, and Casio.
Absent from this list is Canon, which is a shame because while their old model has comparatively unimpressive specs and looks kind of goofy, I heard it was supposed to take good photos, so maybe an update could bring it up to speed.

The Olympus Tough 8010 is probably pretty close to the TS2 (it sort of looks like the Toughs are what Panasonic was trying to compete with). I might do a little more research into the differences.

Orange is nice. If I were getting a TS1, I'd get the orange. But I think I'd have to go for the turquoise for the TS2.

Sebastian said...

Ah-hah! Good CNET link there. Will peruse :)

And yeah... that Canon... all... bubbly.