Friday, June 18, 2010

Fireworks, take two!

It may seem like I'm jumping the gun on the Fourth of July with this post about fireworks. But Waikiki, in all its tourist-geared extravagance, has a fireworks show every Friday night--a show that we are lucky enough to be able to see from our apartment window. Some time after I moved into my apartment last summer, I did a post with a rather unimpressive picture of our view of the fireworks show. Well, a couple Fridays ago, they had a special fireworks show with two simultaneous sets of fireworks at locations different from their normal spot. I don't know what the occasion was; it was actually the weekend in between two holiday weekends (Memorial Day and Kamehameha Day). But it was pretty awesome.

My lease runs out at the end of July, and the Housemate's runs out soon after that, so we've been considering looking at other places. But the things I don't like about this place (they don't allow pets; in lieu of a yard we have a dusty, weedy slope; and while our other housemates are perfectly nice we've never really become friends) are outweighed by the things we love: the clean, newly-renovated interior; the big windows looking out at the Waikiki skyline and Diamond Head; the mango tree; the convenient walk to school; and, of course, our weekly fireworks show.

On a mostly unrelated note about things to come, I will mention that I took another trip to Hanauma Bay to go snorkeling with the Housemate's waterproof camera. I will have a few new pictures...and an epic share some time next week.

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