Thursday, October 28, 2010

Caprica canceled

SyFy just announced that it will not be renewing Caprica for a second season (Variety, EOnline). The remaining five unaired episodes will be pulled from the schedule, to be aired in the spring. In spite of its ties to the popular Battlestar Galactica, Caprica was not able to gain a large enough audience for SyFy to want to renew it.

I'm very upset to learn of this cancellation. I was just watching the most recent episode, enjoying the character development and the many interesting plot lines going on. There are so many questions in that show, things left up in the air that I'm anxious to see resolved. Will Daniel be able to write an AI program as good as Zoe's? Will Clarice get her hands on Zoe's backup (assuming that the thing exists)? Will Amanda be able to get any information from Clarice's family? Will Daniel be able to pull himself together after all that he's done? What is Joseph Adama getting himself into? What will happen to Lacy when she's shipped off world? What will the Zoe and Tamara "deadwalkers" do in V-world? Will the world ever know that it wasn't Zoe who blew up the train? And, of course, the big question that's always underlying everything: How do these events ultimately lead to the Cylons we know and love--the Cylons that start the war with the humans? That is, who are the first Cylons?

I was looking forward to many seasons of Caprica to answer some of these questions. Hopefully the remaining episodes will offer some answers, maybe a little closure, but the big questions intended for multiple seasons will remain unanswered. There's definitely a lot of missed opportunity here. This was a smart, challenging, intricate show--sci-fi that speaks to our own society, even though it is set in a different world. They told a lot of story in the few episodes they got. It deserved better than this early cancellation. I'm sorry to see it go, and I'll miss it a lot.

RIP Caprica


Sebastian said...


Damn. Seriously -- just as the characters were beginning to warm up!

Especially this week -- was the new Zoe an angel... like Six in BSG?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's pretty sad. I'm hoping someone, somewhere finds a way to wrap up these storylines, which may happen if the new prequel does well, and at least we have that to look forward to!

Girls Are Geeks

Eleni said...

I know! I wanted a little more of Joseph Adama in the recent episodes, but everyone else was doing really interesting things! And I really wanted to see what would become of Zoe and Tamara. Will they find their way into the Cylon bodies?

Argh. They ended this show way too soon.

Eleni said...

Oops, that last one was a reply to Seb.

Rosalind - It would be great if the new prequel can give closure to those story lines, but I'm not sure how it would. I guess there's always the comic book route to wrap things up, too.

Definitely glad that there's another prequel on the way--we can keep hearing the word "frak" on TV :)

Ruth said...

I was really unhappy about it too. I'll be posting later, I still need to collect my thoughts on the whole thing. Huge sad and it feels like an insult that Syfy won't even let us finish watching now but has pulled until the Spring. They clearly don't give a gorram frak.

Eleni said...

It took me by surprise, because I hadn't even realized that the show had so few viewers. I figured the BSG popularity would keep it safe for a while. I know from entertainment news outlets that other shows I've been watching--like Undercovers--are in danger of cancellation, but they never mentioned this one (I guess they don't care about SyFy).

I know, it sucks that we have to wait until the spring to see the rest of the episodes. Like when Pushing Daisies was canceled, and we had to wait until the summer to see the four unaired episodes.


RAY J said...

A friend of mine posted a link about this on facebook that I saw while we were on vacation - how annoying!

I recall seeing a post recently where SyFy announced another BSG prequel to debut in the next year or so that will focus on young Adama and supposdily be more "action packed" as *some* BSG fans are bored with Caprica, saying there's not enough action and too much drama... how dumb is that?! I like the drama and backstory and plot and development that Caprica has... not everything sci-fi has to be action packed ><

Eleni said...

Yeah, I guess it makes sense that some BSG fans were in it for the action--the Viper battles and all. So in that sense Caprica was a different show. But different is good, too!

It's a shame not more people understood the excitement in the tense drama and intrigue of Caprica.

Vanessa said...

Didn't watch that, but I know the feeling. I was upset when they cancelled Kyle XY, searching the internet I found that a lot of people protested, don't remember what the channel used as an excuse, but there's always money involved.
Made me wish I hadn't watched it.

Eleni said...

Aw, I'm still glad I watched Caprica, even if it is sad it was canceled so early.

The show probably cost a lot to produce, since it looked really good and obviously required special effects for some things. Since not that many people were watching, they just couldn't keep it around.

It's a shame how it happens to such great shows. I never saw Kyle XY, but Firefly and Pushing Daisies are two of my personal favorites that were canceled too soon.