Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spider-Man casting, plus a quick update

It still feels a little weird for there to be a Spider-Man reboot in the works so soon after the last successful movie in the franchise, but since I like Spider-Man, I remain interested in its progress. Casting continues on the Spider-Man reboot, adding Rhys Ifans as a villain (Variety, Hitflix). He joins Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, who have been cast as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. It was not announced which villain Ifans will be playing.

I've been pretty busy lately, which is my excuse for not posting much. The Housemate leaves for Antarctica in under two weeks, and his flurry of preparation has been spilling over to me a bit. Also, my midterm exam is this Friday, I have a talk coming up, a fellowship to apply for, and some serious progress I need to make on my research. And I have a relative visiting town. Anyway, I don't expect this to be my blog's most productive month.

I do, however, plan to post on this year's Blog Action Day, October 15, which has the theme of Water. And even though I am an oceanographer, I will not be talking about the ocean's problems. I started out in environmental engineering as an undergrad, and I took a class specifically on the the issues of clean water and water limitation plaguing the world. Expect some surprising statistics.

To make this post a little more worthwhile, here's something that has nothing to do with anything, but will hopefully make you laugh. Actually, I was reminded of it while preparing for Blog Action Day, so I guess it has something to do with something, but the link between the two probably won't be clear until Friday's post. Anyway, this is one of the funniest things I've ever seen, so I hope you enjoy it!

Robin Williams explains the origin of golf.


Okie said...

Definitely intrigued to see how Spider-Man plays out. I enjoyed the recent films so I'm curious to see how they differentiate themselves with the new one.

Nice Robin Williams vid...very funny.

Eleni said...

Hi Okie!

Yeah, at least the first two of the recent Spider-Man trilogy were really great, so the new ones have a lot to live up to. Hopefully they can pull it off and justify the reboot.

It's a brilliant bit of stand-up comedy. Robin Williams is nuts, but sometimes he's also genius.

Amy said...

I'm surprised about the Spiderman re-do already too. Though, the last Spiderman was pretty horrible. Maybe they want to try to erase that with a new cast? Well, I like Rhys Ifans at least.

Eleni said...

Yeah, I thought Tobey Maguire was great as Peter Parker, but now I can't erase the image of emo Peter Parker dancing. *Shudder.*

I like Emma Stone, and Andrew Garfield was good in The Social Network. And Ifans is great. So we'll see how it works out.

Sebastian said...

Mmm, Emma Stone.

Eleni said...

I like her. I thought she was very funny in Zombieland. And it turns out she's naturally a blonde, so maybe she'll change her hair back even though she's become better known with red hair.