Thursday, March 10, 2011

My new addiction: True Blood

I finally started watching True Blood a few weeks ago. It had been on my list for a while, as various friends had recommended it, but I got my hands on seasons 1-3 and the Housemate and I were looking for a new series neither of us had seen because he's behind on everything ever since he spent 3 months in Antarctica. So True Blood it was. And I am totally addicted to it.

The seasons are relatively short (12 episodes), but we've already devoured the first two seasons. There's no downtime in the story, and the episodes always end with a cliffhanger, so it's hard to stop watching. The characters are flawed but appealing and endearing, and there are multiple mysteries going on at a time. It's exciting and frustrating and touching and sexy and fun. A true guilty pleasure.

There are a lot of vampire stories out there, but each has its own take on vampires, and I find this one very interesting. The main premise is that with the invention of Tru Blood, a synthetic beverage that vampires can drink in place of human blood, vampires decided to "come out of the closet"--reveal their existence and integrate themselves into society. This is a recent event, however, and tensions are high between the human and vampire communities. Many humans are understandably afraid of vampires; some go as far as to believe they are evil devils who need to be eradicated. Few vampires, it seems, have switched completely to a Tru Blood diet (the stuff is kinda yucky), most preferring to snack on human blood (if you only take a little at a time, it doesn't kill the human, after all). The show also explores what it's like to be a vampire and become a vampire. And vampires aren't the only supernatural creatures around.

True Blood has snappy dialogue with some great one-liners. I wish I'd kept a list as I went along, because it's easy to forget, but here are a few highlights that come to mind.

Lafayette (after a customer rejected a burger he made because it had "AIDS"; Lafayette is gay): 'Scuse me. Who ordered the hamburger...with AIDS? ...In this restaurant, a hamburger deluxe comes with french fries, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and AIDS! Do anybody got a problem with that?
I could reproduce the whole scene here, but it wouldn't do it justice. The scene has to be watched to be appreciated.

Jason (after his girlfriend says something he deems brilliant): Jesus Christ, I want to lick your brain.

Eric (about children): They're like humans, but miniature. Teacup humans.
Now when I see children, this is what I think of. Teacup humans.

Jason: I reckon I've already been to heaven. It was inside your wife.

Sookie: I'm a waitress. What the f*** are you?

There's a lot of violence, blood, and sex in this show, but I got used to it easily enough (though occasionally I'll be eating something while watching and have to put it down for a couple minutes). I highly recommend the show if you're looking for something absorbing and entertaining. I'm definitely looking forward to Season 3.


Hezabelle said...

Oh, I have so much love for True Blood!! You should also read the books, the characters are even better! Except Eric. He's hotter in real life. hahaha.

Angela said...

TRUE BLOOD!!! Our sisters sent us True Blood: The Complete First Season for Christmas and we were hooked instantly!!! We got the second season as soon as we were done and now we're eagerly awaiting the third!!!

Lafayette is AWESOME. Jason is hilarious. I'm so team Bill, Jen is team Eric. Hah! But both are hott, if I do say so myself!

And Sookie is just awesome. ^_^

But my favorite? JESSICA!!!

Oh and Pam. I love Pam!

cassey said...

You should read the books, they're great, and as addictive as the tv series. Team Eric here :)

Eleni said...

Hez - I'll have to look into the books. As long as I can picture Eric from the TV show as I read, it'll be OK :)

Angela - I love Lafayette, too! Jason can be so infuriatingly stupid, but he's endearing, and he gets some great lines and scenes. I don't know what team I'm on...Can't I have both?!

Cassey - Everyone's recommending the books now, I didn't know they were that popular! First season we didn't see much of Eric, and he had that awful long hair. Things got much better with him in season 2!

Amy said...

It's a guilty pleasure for me! I've read the first four books too - they are quick and fun reads. Your post reminds me that I need to track down season 3 of True Blood!

Eleni said...

I'm well into Season 3 now, and it's crazy! Good stuff.

Sebastian said...

Hah, this is one of my guilty pleasures, too.

My cousin forced me to watch it, 'because of all the boobs', but I kind of got sucked into the actual STORY (weird, I know).

My main problem with it is that it could be so much better. The premise is fantastic. It's basically Vampire: The Masquerade (look it up) but with Tru Blood thrown into the mix.

The characters are great, but the plot can be so awful at times. (Apparently the books are not any better, but can't confirm.)

Still, it's incredibly enjoyable to watch -- sex, passion, fun characters and violence usually are -- but it's definitely the kind of show that I kind of semi-watch while doing other things :)

(There's an amazing sex scene in the latest season... did you get there yet? It drew loads of complaints!)

Eleni said...

Yeah, there are definitely some plot lines that are better than others, but really it's so enjoyable I'll watch the characters do nearly anything. The show's like candy.

I'm still working on Season 3. I'll keep an eye out for that notorious scene.