Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blog on Fire Award!

Thanks to Kathy at Life As I Know It, who just gave me a Blog on Fire Award! She's an awesome blogger I recently discovered who eerily reminds me of myself: a gamer and Harry Potter fan who loves math, used to dance, and works at a zoo (well, I volunteered at an aquarium, but there's some similarity there).

For this award, I'm supposed to share seven things about myself. OK, let's see what random facts come to mind this morning...

1. I weighed 8 lbs, 8 oz when I was born--the chunkiest of my siblings.
2. For the rest of my childhood, though, I was extremely skinny.
3. I was baptized at age 14 with water brought in a bottle straight from the River Jordan. It was my confirmation class's Confirmation day, but since two of us had never been baptized in the first place, we got baptized that day. The parents of one of our classmates had just come back from a trip to Israel and had brought with them the symbolically significant water, which they kindly donated to our baptism.
4. I'm not really religious anymore, though I still treasure certain mementos from my time in Confirmation.
5. Perhaps my biggest claim to fame in college was as one of the Chapel Choir's kite flyers. During the big Opening Exercises and Baccalaureate ceremonies, three or four of us got to wave poles with large hand-painted silk kites on the end (wings and streamers--picture Japanese-style kites), leading processions, welcoming all the incoming students, or hailing the graduating seniors. No one was actually certain what the kites symbolized (we called them simply "spirit kites"), but most agreed they were beautiful and fun and added to the celebratory atmosphere.
6. I hate mayonnaise and mustard.
7. I don't drink alcohol. I'm like a little kid, still--I think it tastes yucky :-/

Hmm, those are some pretty random facts, though you can see certain trains of thought there.

Now I'm supposed to pass this blog award on to other deserving bloggers. To the recipients: Don't worry about accepting or not accepting the blog award, I have no expectations and don't care if you don't want to follow any or all of the supposed rules for the award.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Eleni! I will definitely play along!!

Kimolisa said...

Thanks Eleni and yes I will keep it going.

Out of Sync said...

Oh, win! I am honoured to accept this award Eleni, thanks =)

And now I know 7 highly useful facts =P

Tabs A. Geek said...

Thanks Eleni :)

Also, I think that's so cool that you were baptized with water from the Jordan.

Eleni said...

Mariel - Cool! You're welcome :)

Kimolisa - My pleasure!

Out of Sync - Uh-oh, hope you're not planning on using these facts against me ;)

Tabs - I thought it was pretty cool, too. Lucked out on my timing there.

RachelLynn said...

woot woot! I've never gotten an award before! I'm flattered! I will definitely keep it going! :)

Eleni said...

Cool :)