Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm in Kona!

Here, they just call it coffee.

Actually I've still heard people call it Kona coffee here, but it seems like it should be that way. Yesterday had quite a lot of vog--that is, fog from the volcanoes--but the weather was nice. The Housemate and I are visiting his brother, who lives in Kailua-Kona with his wife and two kids. The kids are adorable, though the 4-year-old son is a bit of a handful. We've been eating very, very well. I'm kind of in heaven...the wife cooks a lot. She's Indonesian, so she cooks great Indonesian food, but we've also had homemade pizza, beef stew, and crepes every morning.

I had an amazing time here on the Big Island last summer. I'll be taking tons of photos again, but this time I'll also be scuba diving, now that I have my certification. Hopefully that means I'll have even better underwater pics to share from my underwater camera. But I'm pretty busy until I get back late next week, so probably no posts until next weekend. Aloha!

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Angie said...

Sounds wonderful!!! I'm excited for the pictures and that food sounds delicious. Have fun!!! :D

soft nonsense said...

I am/shall be in the following locations over the next two weeks: Lahui, Honolulu, and, um, somewhere else on the Big Island. Just sayin.

Eleni said...

Angie - My camera broke halfway through the vacation, but at least I got photos from the first few days :)

Soft Nonsense - Nice! I recall you going to Maui a while ago. Are you hitting up the other islands now? When are you in Honolulu?