Thursday, August 18, 2011

My trip to the Big Island, 2011

I've already published a few posts on my trip to the Big Island (aka Hawai'i) last month, and I'm about to do more (with photos!), so this will just be a hub--a table of contents, I suppose--of the posts related to that trip.

Just after arriving:
I'm in Kona!

My Most Amazing Birthday:
Part 1 - Surprise party...with dolphins!
Part 2 - Spectacular dive with manta rays (the highlight of the day, which is really saying something)
Part 3 - Malassadas, and being 1000

Now, for the photos (all taken not on my birthday):
Banyans, Kua Bay Beach Park, and Mauna Kea
Waipio part 1 - the hike
Waipio part 2 - the beach
Hanaunau - before the (camera) flooding
Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort


wolfman said...

i love the big island, its kindof like a piece of mainland thrown into the ocean, i like the wide open land there, unlike oahu, in general. still, being here still has its good points, being one of the VERY few gamer nerds on the island unfortunately is not one of them, i wish people would appreciate mass effect here more amongst the small gaming community (if there is one at all) anyways, i hope u have a good trip! sorry i havnt commented in forever, ive been busy moving back.

Eleni said...

I love the Big Island, too! The vog was pretty heavy the first day we were there, which had me a little concerned whether there were any negative effects, but other than that, it's just beautiful, and so much more peaceful than Oahu. And the diving and snorkeling is SOOOO much better. The size difference really is noticeable, being able to drive more than an hour in one direction.

The one week we were there was just long enough to start to get used to it, so it felt weird when we got back to Honolulu and saw all these cars and high rises everywhere. This trip, we were only on the Kona side. I haven't really been to Hilo since I was a kid, so we'll have to go there some time.

Shame there aren't more gamers. I guess that's what the online gaming community is for...

wolfman said...

yeah, i definitely prefer the country rather than the city, but everyones different, we didnt get to go diving and snorkeling last time we went, but we did get to ride horses, that was pretty awesome. yeah the water has generally been merky here for awhile, its kindof annoying. yeah i love the online community, but it always good to have someone closer to home u can get exited with when your new favorite game is coming out, and pull and all nighter playing the game, even if its single player, haha.

Eleni said...

Yeah, I know what you mean.

I'd love to ride a horse! On the beach, or where did you go? I've always wanted to learn to horseback ride. I should probably take lessons, though, before I show up and try to take a horse along the beach or something.