Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My blog's first GIVEAWAY!

On most days, Commander Shepard doesn't have time for jewelry. An array of guns strapped to her back are all the accessories she needs. But occasionally she'll find herself on a mission where she has to dress up--in the Afterlife VIP lounge, or an extravagant party on Bekenstein, for example. That's why I made this N7 bracelet: because even in formal wear, Shepard deserves to be recognized for the elite special forces marine* she is.

I made one of these beaded bracelets for myself last summer, and now, in honor of the upcoming release of Mass Effect 3, I'm giving one away! Yes, the release of Mass Effect 3 is still over a month away (March 6 or thereabouts, depending on your location), but I want to make sure I have enough time for people to enter the giveaway and for me to make and mail the bracelet so that it arrives in time for the big day.

This bracelet is made with tiny glass seed beads. The black ones are glossy and opaque. The red and white ones are translucent and silver-lined (shiny silver around the inside hole of the bead). The silver-lined beads have just enough shine and sparkle to pop out as a design, but not so much that they seem too glittery. The overall look is really quite sleek.


A beaded N7 bracelet!


Anyone can enter! I am willing to ship internationally. Hopefully that won't bite me in the ***, but I think with a small, light package, it shouldn't cost me too much.

Now, I know this giveaway favors the girls, and I'm sorry about that. If you're a guy, you're welcome to enter to win a bracelet (maybe you have a girl you want to give it to, or maybe you want it for yourself--that's cool). I could also attach the beaded design to a key chain instead of bracelet clasps... Or if you have other ideas for how I could turn the beads into something suitable for a guy, I'm willing to hear.


First, leave a comment below telling me you want to be entered in the giveaway, and let me know who your favorite Mass Effect character is. If you can't choose just one, then give me a list, that's fine :) This will earn you one entry for the giveaway. This step is important, so I know you really want to be entered, and aren't just following me because you like my tweets or tweeting about the giveaway to spread the word.

After you've done that, you can earn up to three additional entries in the giveaway for each of the following:
1. Follow me (@EleniRPG) on Twitter (if you already follow me, this counts).
2. Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter, with a link to this post and a mention of me (@EleniRPG). You can tweet about it as many times as you want, but I'll only count it as one entry ;)
3. Follow my blog (if you already do, that counts).
Important: Once you've completed any of the above, please leave a comment below to make sure I noticed (I'd hate to miss something). Also, if your Twitter handle isn't obvious from the way you identify yourself below in the comments, tell me your Twitter handle so I can correctly match you to the tweet/follow.
Additionally, if you're not following me on Twitter (in which case I can direct message you), give me an email address so I can contact you if you win!


The deadline for entries is Monday, February 6 at 11:59pm Honolulu time (5 hours behind East Coast'll have to figure out the rest for yourselves). I'll be selecting the winner randomly from a list of names. The number of times your name appears on the list depends on the number of entries you earned (up to four). I'll post the winner on this blog, but also contact the winner for details (address, wrist size, metal allergies, etc.).

Good luck!

* For those who don't know, N7 is the emblem on Commander Shepard's armor. N designates special forces, while the 7 indicates the highest level of proficiency.


I know that not everyone who reads my blog plays Mass Effect (But you should! It's such a great series!), so I feel a little bad that my first giveaway on this blog leaves those people out. I have made a few beaded bracelet designs that are not related to Mass Effect, and if there seems to be enough interest, I could do a giveaway for one of them. So, whether or not you want to enter the N7 giveaway, leave me a comment telling me if you'd be interested in a giveaway for one of the following:


I'd probably change the background beads if I made another of these, since the teal blends too well with the blue on top of R2's head. Also, the teal beads were ever so slightly skinnier than the other beads, giving the bracelet an uneven width. But who doesn't love R2-D2?

Space Invaders!

This is for the old-school gamers. Thanks to Mariel who suggested this one--the 8-bit style works very well for bead weaving. The aliens are made with silver-lined beads, so they stand out well.

I also have a Battlestar Galactica Cylon head design (old-school Cylons--the horizontal visor looks MUCH better with the beading constraints than the newer V-shaped visor) which I think will look really good: five Cylon heads go around the bracelet, but in each one the red light (done with a silver-lined red bead, of course) is in a different position.


Anonymous said...

I want to enter!!! Kaidan is my favorite character. <3
- superkakashifan(twitter)

im4games said...

I'm a guy and my love for Mass Effect requires that I desire this item. It has a magnetic effect on me.

Natcvbrp said...

I also want this, Kaidan is my favorite character and I'll follow the other steps, on twitter I'm natcvbrp!

montereydiver said...

This is awesome! I love Kaidan and Garrus...and Tali, and Jack, get the picture ;) I'm @montereydiver on twitter

Mei said...

I was hoping for the quarter...

Eleni said...

Hahaha, I can throw that in, too :) Can't remember which state quarter it was, though. Any preference? ;)

Mariel Mohns said...

YAY! You are the coolest! I think my favorite Mass Effect character is Garrus...and Joker (because 1. he's a pilot, and 2. he's voiced by Seth Green...who doesn't love Seth Green?!)

I already follow you on twitter and on your blog.

Also, I really love the R2 bracelet and the Space Invaders one turned out great!! :)

Kimmy said...

I just wanted to say how freaking awesome that R2 bracelet is.

Eleni said...

Mariel - Seth Green is awesome :) Space Invaders was a great idea! Relatively simple for me to carry out. Thanks for that.

Hi Kimmy! Thanks :) Maybe I will make another and do a giveaway.

Caitlin said...

I would love to be entered! My favorite Mass Effect characters are Ashley, Garrus, and Miranda.

Twitter: @goodbyetonight

Out of Sync said...

I'm a dude but I'd still gladly wear that N7 bracelet, it's sweet as!

I'm already a blog follow, but I just revisited my highly neglected Twitter account just to follow you ha. @JibakTwitak

Favourite characters? Thane was so badass, Miranda was sexy, Mordin had an awesome personality and back story, and Jack's storyline was so cool!

Jasmine said...

Wicked Mass Effect bracelet!! Liara and Garrus are my favorite characters and I can't wait for ME3. I don't really have a blog, but I followed you on twitter! My handle is @magicalzebro.


Anonymous said...

My favorite character is Legion. @Sh1nju on Twitter. Thanks for the giveaway!

Tabitha said...

I would totally love to see a giveaway for the R2D2 Bracelet!

cassey said...

Very keen to enter :). My favourite characters are Kaidan and Jack.

I follow you on twitter, and will tweet about the giveaway soon - even though it reduces my chances of wining ;) Also I think you should do another giveaway, and go into the business of making the cute, geeky bracelets.

Eleni said...

Cassey - You caught my evil plan ;) It all depends on how many people enter the giveaway because of your may still end up increasing your chances. Maybe I'll try to make an Etsy store, if I can pull my act together :)

Tabitha - Maybe I'll do that. I need to find a better bead for the background color, though. Hmmm...

Lizkimo said...

Ooooh I definitely want to enter - I love the bracelet! My favourite character is... hmm, that's tough. Kaidan or Garrus probably, though I also love Thane so yeah. Fingers crossed for some fun Kaidan/Femshep/Garrus triangle-y goodness in ME3!

Twitter: @Lizkimo

Mireiawen said...

I would like to be entered! And of course the best Mass Effect character is Shepard =) Liara is good as well.


cloudyneko said...

Love to enter. I love Jack! She is too awesome for words to describe.

ErnieShepardN7 said...

my favorite characters are legion and garrus!i followed you on twitter and retweeted the contest!
im @erodtorrent

Radwan said...

I want in! Garrus and Liara are my favorite Mass Effect characters..erm and Tali

love2write said...

I'd very much like to enter!

And my favorite character...a tie between Garrus and Joker!

-dancing_blues on twitter

(sorry if this shows up multiple times, my computer likes to be evil)

jamiepage19 said...

I would love to add this bracelet to my extensive collection of Mass Effect related stuff. My all-time favorite character is Garrus!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a cool giveaway! Following you on Twitter/have retweeted to followers (oh_Laika).

Favourite character has got to be Femshep. She's cool, confident and can be found passed out in the mens room in her free time ;D


Silver_T said...

Love the bracelet. There's not enough Mass effect stuff around for my liking.

For me it has to be Tali. She's so sweet and kind and even though you don't really know what she looks like you don't need to to know her. And who couldn't resist hugging her on her loyalty mission. I did even when playing as renegade.

I also have to throw in mordin because he has giraffe like horns and i love that. He's my giraffe. :D

- Kirsty (@one_echo)