Monday, January 30, 2012

Shit Geeky Girls Say...

Last week, I came across this awesome video in which Toria (The Toria Show) tells us all the shit geek girls say. It's hilariously true.

She explains that this is all stuff she says, but she assumes other geeky girls may say similar things. She's right. I don't partake in all the realms of geekdom that she references (e.g. comic books, Doctor Who), but enough of these resonated for me that I was laughing very hard.

Yes, female armor is so much skimpier than male armor! I couldn't believe it in SWTOR when my Jedi had heavy armor that left her with a bare midriff. Ridiculous! Then there's the slave girl outfit (luckily only counts as light armor). Obligatory, I suppose. But I've yet to find the slave male outfit.

Picard, hands down!


I'm usually pretty decisive about hair color, but the eye spacing... That's a tricky one. You don't want to spend the whole game thinking "I should have gone one tick closer" every time you see your character's face!

In Baldur's Gate, I definitely did give my fighter/thief more charisma than she needed. I wanted people to like me! What's wrong with that?

I showed this video to my boyfriend, to get a sense of what I really do say vs. just think silently to myself. He laughed particularly hard at the "My character is awesome!" line, and when she sings the Lord of the Rings Shire theme, plus the bit from "Still Alive". I sing those a LOT.

The funniest bit for me, though, came right at the beginning. "Did I ever tell you I speak Elvish?" The day I saw this video, earlier that morning I had just told a friend of mine that I speak (a little) Elvish. GET OUT OF MY HEAD, TORIA!


cassey said...

I'm the "Oooh shiney" person when it comes to MtG. I also did the "I don't think I'll like the new Doctor," and I didn't 0_o. Mostly this is cute and about right :).

Eleni said...

I've yet to integrate "shiny" into my daily speech, but I definitely say "frak" a lot. People should remember that every geek girl is unique, with our own variations of stuff we say, but we do have many overlaps and similarities :)

Tara said...

haha that was it makes me want to make my own vid though because I feel like I didn't "get" a lot of what she was talking about...and I'm a pretty big freaking geek! soooo...that's on my to-do list, for sure.

Eleni said...

Yeah, that would be fun! I didn't get quite all of her references either. Also there was a definite lack of Star Wars in the video. Hmm, let's see...I recently said to my boyfriend,
"You know, I really like being addressed as 'Master Jedi.'"
That would make a good soundbite :)

Mariel Mohns said...

This video is so full of win! Though for me, RPG = FPS :)

Also, I remember one time someone on Twitter said that there should be a "game" that is JUST creating a character...since is does take so frakking long to get the eyes perfectly spaced! :-P

Eleni said...

Yeah, Dragon Age: Origins was funny because a few weeks before they released the actual game, they released a program that just let you create a character. Essentially just a character creator game. But it was great because while you were waiting anxiously for the game to arrive, you could waste all your time creating a character (or a whole set of characters), and then be ready to go for game launch. It worked pretty well!

Toria Pardoe said...

You mentioned my video! That's so awesome of you, thank you! XD

Eleni said...

Hi Toria! You're welcome! It's a great video. Thank you for the laughs :)