Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!!!

I losse alántie linteve,
Caita bale or i nóre.
Ilye ná dín ar ninque.
Sulime utúlie rá.*

Yes, March has come in like a lion indeed. In the two winters I've been working here, we've had a few delayed openings and early closures at the lab, but today is my first ever full snow day here. Of course, I live just a five minute walk from the lab, so I have no good reason why I shouldn't be able to work today. But no one else is going to be there, so there's no way I'm going in. Snow day! Yay!!!

I went out and took a bunch of pictures this morning. Unfortunately, my digital camera's screen isn't working at the moment, so taking good pictures is a little difficult at the moment. Oh well. The snow has stopped, and while it isn't sunny it is much brighter than this morning, so maybe I'll go outside and take some more photos. Happy March!

A cardinal

Reeds and ice


Snowdrift, bushes, tree, river

* There's only one language for a geek like me to use when writing about nature.


Sebastian said...

That looks awfully like Quenya... Perhaps it's sad that I can identify it too.

I love that 'fat in water' dappled look of the lake!

Eleni said...

"Fat in water"... You make it sound so appealing! But yes, I thought it was kind of cool.

And it's not totally sad unless you can understand any of the words (and sadder still if you wrote it).

Sebastian said...

I recognise 'March'...

But I'm not admitting to any more!

I should actually know the name of that effect of hydrogenised fat on water, as I did Chemistry...

It's probably just something boring like 'suspension'. You should know, geek!

Eleni said...

That's pretty good. Disclaimer: I actually had to look up the words for "March", "deep", and "silent", and I had to remind myself how to do adverbs. And there are probably mistakes. I'm not really that good with Quenya.