Friday, March 6, 2009


So far... not a very good Friday. This morning I was insulted by a rude stranger, and while I shouldn't have let it bother me, I got very upset over it. Then this afternoon, I got my rejection letter from MIT. The latter I was prepared for, kind of expecting, and a part of me was even slightly hoping for it, since it makes my decision that much simpler. Screw you, Massholes, I'm going to Hawai'i! The former has left a bitter taste in my mouth. Not like coffee--more like lye.*

I need something to get my spirits up. I mean, it's Friday! After last Sunday's snowstorm, tomorrow is supposed to be 68 F and sunny. Next week it will be 50 and raining, but I'll be off to Hawaii. Another episode of Dollhouse is on tonight (though Eliza Dushku herself says that the show won't get really good until episode 6), and tomorrow I get to watch last week's Battlestar Galactica (the 8-day delay is excruciating--darn waiting for it to show up online legally!). Oh yeah, and

Watchmen premieres today! At long last. I guess there were lots of midnight showings, so many fans have already seen it. I will likely go to a Sunday matinee with my friend who finished reading the graphic novel just two weeks ago. While I cannot take credit for convincing her to read the book--she has a couple other friends who have been telling her to read it for a while--I was the one who thrust the book into her hands with a "Movie premieres March 6." The reviews have been decidedly mixed; some critics have said the movie adaptation is dumb, convoluted, and/or boring, while others have praised it for being rich and powerful. In any case, I will see it for myself. And even if it is not a great film, I will probably enjoy it.

* Disclaimer: I have never actually tasted lye (thank goodness). But I can imagine.


Sebastian said...

Pfft... who needs MIT?

I turned down Cambridge (the proper one)! Made me feel good!

Why do you wait for it to come up legally...? To support the show with commercial-viewing, or?

Eleni said...

MIT itself leaves much to be desired. I would not have deigned to go there for an undergraduate degree. It's the MIT-WHOI program that was alluring. Alluring, that is, until I got this letter in the mail today telling me that actually they suck.

Regarding BSG... In principle, I feel I should support the networks that make TV shows available online legally to encourage the practice. Also, I live in a dorm at a very small research facility, and someone in the dorm once had her access to the internet cut off when the IT people who watch such things caught her downloading files from a suspicious website. In short, I just feel better this way, except for the waiting and avoiding spoilers.

Sebastian said...

Well, the good news is that Gaius doesn't die from the explosion.

I always thought it was the research that made any university alluring. At least that was what drove my choice of undergraduate and graduate courses.

If you want some kind of untraceable piracy, just let me know...!

Eleni said...

For grad school, research is certainly key, and WHOI has some amazing research going on. At least they would have if they had accepted me.

No piracy, and don't even JOKE about spoilers with me! Three more weeks...