Saturday, December 5, 2009

The light of my life...

So part of the reason that I didn't post very much in November was that I was busy playing Dragon Age: Origins. Because I am so proud of my little female Elven mage, I thought I'd share some pics! DAO conveniently takes periodic screenshots while you're playing, so I have a few to choose from. Of course, it never seems to take the shots during battles, so I'll have to do screen captures myself if I want any action shots. Here are some of the screenshots I do have.

Here's the little girl before her Harrowing at the very beginning of the game.

Shortly after becoming a Grey Warden...

Meeting Leliana

Not a screenshot but from my character profile so you can see a clear shot of her, including her cowl (all head gear is "removed" during the cut scenes). Apparently the cowl was chafing her long Elven ears, so she had to cut little slits in the side. Didn't change the item's magical properties, luckily.

Well, those are all the pics for now. So far, DAO is awesome. I love the dark fantasy world it takes place in, the characters, the story, and the gameplay. I just can't express how much I'm enjoying it. At present I'm about 28% of the way through (the game is kind enough to provide an estimate). I'll be saying more about it, I'm sure, as I go along, maybe commenting more on the characters and plot once I've seen more of them.


Holly said...

I have to say I loved it, and since I'm totally in love with Bioware they didn't disappoint at all. Neither did the romance!!! I'm playing it again right now, my main was a human mage and she was awesome, and her and Alistair were sooooo cute. Aww. lol

Have fun playing!!! (I'm working on the Grey Warden armor right now....and the Morrigan costume....weeee!)

Sebastian said...

Ah, I wondered if Alistair was cuter with a female main character. He's just really damn annoying if you play a male character.

I stripped him naked and left him in the camp for the entire game. Occasionally he would pop up for some cut scene, completely naked... fun times.

I see you refer to her as 'the little girl' -- I thought you personified?

Eleni said...

Holly - Nice to hear there are good things ahead (in the romance too ;) I agree--I looove BioWare! I'm sure the costumes will be awesome.

Seb - Alistair is very awkward, but I find it rather endearing. Got to love the fact that no one notices if a character is naked. I did it to a character in the origin story, and while no one in game made a comment, the whole time I was snickering uncontrollably. I have a screen shot of the cut scene to remember it by, too.

Hmm, I suppose I could have said "Here I am", but I kind of made the choice to refer to her in the third person throughout the post. It just seemed to make more sense in the context. And when I called her "the little girl"... I think it's because the beginning of the game seems so long ago, and she was so innocent and inexperienced back then, she kind of does seem like a little girl compared to my character now.