Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mass Effect 2 is out!

Mass Effect 2 launch trailer

Today is the release of Mass Effect 2! I will not be playing it yet, first of all because my copy has not arrived in the mail, and second because I am still playing Dragon Age: Origins. Yes, I still haven't finished, so distracted by schoolwork and, well, a social life (who'da thought?). Why didn't BioWare space out its releases a little better?

Still, I am totally psyched for Mass Effect 2. I am anxious for more of the story, much like I am just before the premiere of a new season of a TV show (just one more week until Lost is back! eek!) I'm kind of nervous about the storyline, though, this being the dark second chapter in the planned trilogy. I was rather attached to several of the characters from the first Mass Effect, and since Tali is the only one of the original ME party announced as a party member in ME2, I'm dreading what might happen at the beginning of the game. These people having nothing against killing off NPCs.

I am excited to learn more about Cerberus, the shady organization that seemed to cause all sorts of problems that Commander Shepard encountered in the first game, but never truly confronted. They have none other than Martin Sheen playing the "Illusive Man" who heads Cerberus, and it seems Shepard is working with him. A very promising storyline.

I've also watched all the videos about the classes, which are in general the same as in the original game--same names, same basic idea (soldier, biotic powers, tech abilities, or a lesser combination of two)--but with some cool changes. Each has a unique ability that none of the other classes can have. My favorite class in the original was the Vanguard--a biotic/soldier cross (biotic powers + shotgun = fun). In ME2, Vanguards can do a biotic charge, zapping over drops or through barriers to attack an enemy or escape from battle. Sounds a bit like KotOR's Force Jump (which I loved using), except it can get you out of the fray as well as into it. The other class abilities sound fun, too--particularly the Infiltrators who can cloak themselves.

It seems guns will be more fun with more emphasis placed on the effects of different types of ammo and the ability to hit certain regions of the body, blowing off arms, etc. Biotic powers have been improved, gaining some real offensive capabilities (like you could actually kill someone with them). And they've been publicizing the new conversation interrupt, where if you don't like the way a conversation is going, you can just shoot the guy. Not that I usually play that way (those sound files take up so much room on my hard drive, I might as well hear them out, right?), but it's a cool option.

OK, enough gushing. Time to go play DAO so I can play Mass Effect 2 when it arrives. Good times.


Holly said...

Holy Crap I am so excited for Mass effect 2. I don't think my brain can handle two awesome releases of Bioware games in the span of 6 months, it might explode. Or I might never get any costumes done, lol.

Also, that trailer is amazing, and I totally found the song on youtube....


*soooo excited!!!*

Sebastian said...

I've been playing it for a few days now... (!)... and it's very, very good.

Much more streamlined over ME1. Smoother, easier to play. Except you can see the UI was made for console... so some menus are a bit annoying on the PC.

Anyway, lotta fun so far :)

Eleni said...

Holly - Think we'll see any Mass Effect costumes in the coming months? I guess there may not be anything as cool as Morrigan's outfit--it's mostly just armor of different colors.

Yeah, the trailer has me so psyched. Cool song.

Seb - Do we still get the Mako? I know some people thought it was annoying, but I loved it.

I remember there were a few things in the original that seemed console-y. But it's good to hear they've made improvements. Can't wait.