Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today I celebrate my first real Valentine's Day--the first Valentine's Day where I actually have a Valentine. It's kind of hard to believe that just last year I wrote a post lamenting my perpetually single status. Then I moved to Hawaii, and not two months later found a boyfriend with whom I have been in a happy relationship for over five months. I guess it turns out there wasn't anything wrong with me--at least not in that sense--making me incapable of being in a relationship. Things may not always be simple, but I am very happy at my current status.

I tried to make the Housemate jealous yesterday when a pink envelope with red hearts on it arrived in the mail for me. It was from my dad, of course--he always sends me a Valentine, which always includes a little quatrain along the lines of "Roses are red" that has to do with me. Sometimes the rhymes are a bit of a stretch, and they're usually pretty cheesy, but they're always sweet. This year's:
Heliconia are red,
Hanauma is blue.
You're way out in Hawaii
But I'm thinking of you!

For the Housemate, I bought a few nice photos of beautiful surfing waves that he can put up in his room or in his office at school. There are a number of photographers on the islands who like to take surfing and wave photos, and little gift-shoppy, arty galleries sell them. As a surfer, he always likes looking at pictures with perfect barrels. I tried my best to select ones he'd like.

I bought them on Friday afternoon, when he has a class that isn't supposed to get out until 5:15, though sometimes it gets out early. I figured as long as I was back by 5:00, I'd be clear without him knowing I was shopping. I spent a longer time than I expected picking out the photos (went into one shop three times--they probably thought I was nuts), and then the traffic was bad on the way back. In the car, I got a phone call from him at 5:50, and he left a message saying that he was out of class and coming home. I knew I had about 12 minutes to get back to the house. As I sat there at the light on the corner just before our street 11 minutes later, I started cursing at the light. "Damn you, light, change! It's my turn. My turn!" When it finally turned, I saw the Housemate turning the corner himself onto our street. Foiled! Just one minute sooner... So it won't surprise him that I got him something, but at least he was polite enough to go hide as I brought the packages into the house.

The Housemate and I have reservations at a fancy restaurant tonight. If we're lucky, we'll get a seat by the window that overlooks the ocean, but we probably won't. The restaurant is way out of our price bracket, but we don't splurge that often, so it's fine. The dinner is more expensive than on a normal night--the Valentine's Day special better be worth it. But I've been to the restaurant before (two summers ago), so I know the food is good. Especially the heavenly chocolate souffle...

Today is a special day, and I'm looking forward to it. And, of course, I'm looking forward to what the Housemate will surprise me with.

Hope you all enjoy your Valentine's Day, whether or not you have a Valentine.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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