Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm kind of a big deal (in Ferelden)

I finally beat Dragon Age: Origins last night! I was quite elated afterwards; beating an awesome game after spending dozens upon dozens of hours on it gives you a kind of high. Still, considering how late it was I couldn't bring myself to make a post until this morning. It's an awesome game. There are some big, tough choices that the game forces you to make near the end, none of which seem like the obvious "best" choice. None of the options made me entirely happy. I guess my choices were made somewhat easier, though, in that I had a romance with Alistair; if one's desire is to have a (somewhat) happy ending with Alistair, one's choices are constrained. So that's what I did--the only thing I felt I could do to keep us together. I didn't compromise too much in order to achieve that. Did I?

Anyway, DAO had engaging gameplay, a fascinating fantasy world, many enjoyable quests, interesting and lovable NPCs, and an exciting and challenging story. I loved it, and I would be eager to play through again with a different character...if I didn't have a shiny new Mass Effect 2 sitting here on my desk. *Sigh* So much to do.

A few screenshots to document the occasion.

Alistair got to do the cool animation killing the dragon Archdemon. The people in the background with yellow circles underneath them are, in order of increasing distance from the "camera", my PC, Leliana, and Wynne.

I was the one who got the real killing blow on the Archdemon. Here I am in a cut scene stabbing it through the skull. With a sword. I'm a mage--I don't think I've held a sword in my life. I'm probably not even strong enough to wield it. Ah well. Not the clearest screenshot, but I'd have to go through the long battle all over again for another go at it.

After the battle was over, this achievement popped up on my screen and made me laugh. Good times. With all of Ferelden cheering for me, I certainly felt like a big deal. Games can be great for ego boosts.

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