Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Other stuff for 2/2/10

Other stuff regarding today:

Today is Groundhog Day, the day we yank a rodent out of its hole early in the morning to make it stare at the ground. How do they know if the rodent "sees" its shadow, anyway? Just because its shadow is there doesn't mean it sees it. I've never put much stock in the prognosticating powers of the groundhog, but this year it is especially irrelevant to me. Here in Hawaii, winter and spring all look pretty much the same. (Though I guess it has be raining--actually raining, not just heavily misting with the sun still shining as is common--all day--not just for 10 minutes as it more often does. I suppose this qualifies as a bona fide winter day in Honolulu). For the record, Punxutawney Phil did see his shadow this morning, indicating 6 more weeks of winter.

On another note, today is the premiere of the final season of Lost! The series has had a couple low points, but overall it has been an exhilarating, mind-bending, suspenseful, moving, addicting, revolutionary show. I love it. I will miss it once it's over, but I am excited to see how they conclude their story. Some people may be worried that they'll mess it all up, but I'm not concerned (yet...). Ever since they set the end date, they've been moving towards the finale with skill, purpose, and overall great storytelling. Here's hoping for an awesome final season. And I'll be keeping my eye out for shooting locations here on O'ahu.


Anonymous said...

i always wondered how the silly groundhog sees his shadow too! i mean, can groundhogs appreciate the fact that they can cause shadows? anyway, slate magazine had an informative article on this event that i thought i'd share. http://www.slate.com/id/2210144/

ps - thanks for checking out my blog!

Eleni said...

That's very interesting. I never knew the origins of Groundhog Day and its link to Candlemas. It is a silly tradition, but I guess it's kind of fun (though maybe not for the groundhog) even if it's not accurate. Ah well.

Holly said...

I did play the first one! Though I just started it like a few weeks ago, and had a crazy two-week long Mass Effect binge, but I was blown away by the second one, you will absolutely love it (I know I did). And I love Garrus, what can I say.

Sigh. Why is Bioware so amazing? lol

Eleni said...

Wow, that's intense. I remember playing so much Mass Effect that thoughts of driving the Mako crept into my mind while driving my car (pretty dangerous, actually).

Can't wait to play.