Friday, April 30, 2010

Hopeful Pilots

The networks will be announcing their fall season schedules the week of May 17. In addition to learning which existing shows will be getting the ax and which will live to see another season, they will announce what new shows they will be picking up. I browsed the lists of the TV pilots each network has cooking that will be vying for pickups in a few weeks. Here are the geeky hopefuls that caught my eye.

"No Ordinary Family" is an ABC drama that is described as a live-action version of The Incredibles. Michael Chiklis is starring. Superhero family with Michael Chiklis? Yes, please!

There is also an untitled crime drama in the works for ABC which stars Katee Sackhoff as a detective working with a disgraced ex-cop to solve both the mystery that disgraced him as well as, of course, crimes. It seems it will be filmed in Boston. The plot doesn't sound that original, but I'm happy to see Katee Sackhoff popping up in a prominent role again.

CBS is trying out a "Hawaii Five-O" remake starring Daniel Dae Kim (fresh off of "Lost") and Alex O'Loughlin (Moonlight). Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman ("Fringe", "Alias", etc.) are producing. Sounds like a good team to me, and I'm happy to have a new show shooting on the island. I like keeping an eye out for places that I recognize (silly L.A. people get spoiled--it's exciting!).

Ben Stiller's production company is making a comedy for FOX called "The Station" about a CIA operative and his team in a South America banana republic trying to install a new dictator. Sounds like a fresh idea for a comedy, so I'm intrigued.

At NBC, there's a pilot written by J.J. Abrams and Josh Reims called "Undercovers" about retired CIA agents, now husband and wife, who are reactivated and have to work together for the first time. I'm always game to see what J.J. Abrams has planned, and it sounds like it may have a lighter tone than "Fringe".

On the CW, there's a show brewing called "Betwixt", based on the teen novel of the same name about three teenagers who as supernatural "changelings" are tasked with saving humans from evil. It may turn out too CW-y (teen-ish?) for me, but I always did have a soft spot for shows about people with superpowers.

Last but not least (hopefully) is "Nikita", also on the CW, an update of the 1990 movie La Femme Nikita about a convicted felon who is trained to be a top secret spy and assassin. The plot will revolve around both the original Nikita, who has now gone rogue, and a new "Nikita" being trained to replace her (and, I presume, hunt her down). Maggie Q is cast as Nikita, and if the show is picked up, she will be the first Asian female to have a lead role in a network show (Really? Apparently.). She's actually half-Asian (that's my hapa girl!), but it's close enough.

So there's not too much new stuff that I picked out, but once we see what shows actually get picked up in a few weeks, I'm sure I'll have more to report and discuss.

Source: links from this LA Times Show Tracker blog page


Sebastian said...

Have you been watching The Bridge?

It's most excellent watching various BSG alumni pop up aaaall over the place.

We need to get one into a sci-fi show though, rather than your standard police stuff. I had no idea so much TV programming was police-oriented until I moved away from my usual fodder and towards The Wire...!

Eleni said...

Police-related shows are surprisingly popular. They each try to put their own twist on it, but they're still all about authorities investigating crimes.

V has had a couple BSG alums, but none in major roles. And I'm still an episode behind on FlashForward, but there was a pleasant surprise at the end of the last one!

I haven't seen The Bridge. Worth checking out?

Sebastian said...

Yeah! It's OK! Chief Tyrol is excellent, as you can imagine :)

I was sure that wasn't him in FlashForward. Looked waaay too young. But turns out it is...!

Eleni said...

They listed his name as a guest star at the beginning, so I was waiting the entire episode for him to appear. Maybe he's Head Baltar in disguise!

I was amused by Michael Trucco's role on V, because he was, naturally, a V in disguise. Maybe it will turn out Rekha Sharma's character is, too!

Mary said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog! I tried some of the things you ate at Roys too. They are soo good. hehehehe Oh by the way, since Hawaii 5-0 is coming down, it will be a good way to get your foot in the door as an extra possibly! It's good side money for a college student. hehehe

Eleni said...

Ooh, good idea. It might be an interesting experience to be an extra.

One of my cousins was an extra on Lost once, though the scene with him turned out to show only his torso, haha.