Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award!

Yay, I just received the Versatile Blogger Award from Ambiguous Geek of Geeky ambiguous me. I never thought of myself as that versatile a blogger... I guess I talk about fantasy and sci-fi stuff while also posting photos (and some videos) of Hawaii. Anyway, I am truly honored. Thanks, Ambiguous Geek!

As usual, this award comes with some rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award
2. Share seven things about you
3. Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs
4. Let your nominees know about the award!

Any seven things about me? Whoa. Not sure where to start. Well, since this is the versatile blogger award, I'll try to think of some of my varied talents that don't often come up on this blog.

1. I played the flute from grade school all through high school, and I got quite good. Not that good--I wouldn't have made it into my university's prestigious orchestra--but good enough that people who don't know better are very impressed.
2. I sing pretty well, too. I was semi-professional in college (and by that I mean I was paid to sing but I didn't deserve it). I sing second soprano, and I once hit a high C (though I'll almost never attempt anything higher than an A).
3. I took dance classes from age four through high school, and I took one dance course in college. I did tap, jazz, ballet (including pointe), modern/contemporary, and a bit of hip hop (which I never really liked).
4. I can recite all of Shakespeare's Sonnet 129 in one breath at a volume loud enough to be heard by an audience.
5. I have been able to recite the last names of all the U.S. presidents in order of office since the age of seven.
6. Stupid human tricks: I can wiggle my ears, raise one eyebrow, curl my tongue both like a hot dog roll and like a little cloverleaf, plus twist it over both ways, and I can move my pinkie toe onto the toe next to it all by itself. And I can snap my ear, but I already mentioned that recently.
7. I'm quite good at foosball. I used to play doubles with my friends in college (we had a table in one of the common room areas), and I had some killer offense moves.

Now I'm supposed to nominate fifteen newly discovered blogs. First of all, fifteen? I couldn't even come up with twelve people to give one previous award, and that one didn't even stipulate they be newly discovered. And second, newly discovered by whom? Me? Like Columbus "discovering" the New World when there were plenty of people who'd known about it for thousands of years? OK, OK... Well, it's supposed to be the Versatile Blogger award, so how about I nominate some bloggers that I think are versatile in some way or another. Here goes.

Note to winners: Feel no pressure to follow the "rules" or do any follow up to your receipt of this award. I have no expectations :)

Sebastian - He's been posting a lot of TED talks recently, but he sometimes tackles really meaty subjects, talks about geeky things, and posts beautiful photos.
Hezabelle - She discusses her adventures and misadventures, posts photos from her travels, and sometimes teaches us about classics and Greek mythology.
Floreta, Solitary Panda - She talks about deep questions on her path to finding herself, plus she writes wonderful poetry.
Mei, of Diary of a Fair Weather Diver - She's funny and sweet as she talks about her life, and she has mad artistic skills.
Mary of Quarterlife Adventures - She's recently been detailing her adventures in Indonesia, but she also gives great restaurant reviews.

Hmm, total fail at coming up with fifteen. Anyone else reading this who wants the award, just say the word and it's yours!


Hezabelle said...

WOO! I love awards! Thanks!! Question is... can I think of anyone to give this to?

Eleni said...

You're welcome!

I know, that's always the hard part...
Let's see, blogger A already has this award. I just gave blogger B that other award, so it might seem weird to follow it up so soon with another. Blogger C probably doesn't even know I exist, so if I give it to her she'll probably ignore it. Blogger D is cool but the award description doesn't seem quite appropriate. I don't think blogger E likes awards, so maybe I shouldn't give it to him.
So many things to think about.

Mary said...

aww Thanks Eleni =) I noticed you did ballet for years. That's really cool! You are very talented. It's great that you know how to dance

Eleni said...

Dancing was such a huge part of my life and then I stopped very suddenly. I miss it sometimes, particularly when watching the amazing dancers on So You Think You Can Dance.

Sebastian said...

I've totally been trying to get my pinkie toe to mount my, er, fourth toe (does it have a proper name?) for the last 5 minutes. I give up.

(If I ever make it out to Hawaii, you _have_ to show me.)

Thanks for the nice words! I guess that makes me more versatile than Hezabelle. *flex*

Eleni said...

Ring toe? But how many people actually put a ring on it? Anyway, truth is I can only do it with my right pinkie. The left one doesn't budge. I suppose I could make a video compilation of my stupid human tricks...

More versatile? Why? The list isn't numbered, and my phrasing subtly implies that posting videos of other people's ideas doesn't count towards the versatility, so you both have three items on your "versatile" lists. And the lists aren't comprehensive. Don't you go pretending there's something there that isn't :P

Sebastian said...

Ah come now! Are you seriously saying that you know another blogger that has a more wide-ranging and omnivorous appetite than I?!

Eleni said...

OK, I probably don't know a blogger with a more wide-ranging appetite than you, but then again, I could only come up with five people to give this award... My blog roll isn't too long, and most of it is in the geek niche.

But yes, Seb, you're very versatile.