Tuesday, September 28, 2010

J.J. Abrams + Michael Emerson + Terry O'Quinn = Love

Just a tiny bit of (last week's) news that I have to mention.

Last week, the news broke out that J.J. Abrams was pitching an hour-long comedic drama about ex-black-ops agents... to be played by Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn (EW, Movieline, etc.). Lost fans know the pair as Ben Linus and John Locke, respectively. They're both outstanding (and Emmy-winning) actors--their characters were two of the best on Lost--and the thought of them together again makes me squeeee! I am having trouble picturing the buddy comedy, though; there were moments of humor for both of them in Lost, but no one would call Ben Linus a particularly funny guy. And he certainly was not Locke's buddy. Still, even though I haven't seen them do comedy before, they're so talented that I'm sure they would be great comedic black-ops types. And we know they're a good pair that can play well off each other.

Anyway, not long after that news got out, we learned that NBC had picked up the show (Movieline). It's still a rough road ahead to getting it onto our TV screens, but it's no longer just a fun idea--it's starting to come together. I'll definitely check this show out if it gets made. Too cool.


Melissa said...

OMG! I'm so there. Sounds like an awesome project, and I haven't even watched all of lost. I love Michael Emerson. I hope it doesn't get scrapped, but with JJ behind it, I like our chances.

Eleni said...

Michael Emerson is amazing. I was so happy when he won his Emmy for Lost, and his speech was sweet and classy.

J.J. and Bad Robot can get it done! (Please please please.)