Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Housemate in Antarctica photos: Other animals

Though the Housemate took lots of penguin photos, there are of course lots of animals in Antarctica that aren't penguins.

The infamous leopard seal.

The Housemate told me that one time a huge leopard seal stuck its head up right next to a small boat he was on (see the next photo for what the boat probably looked like). He leaned in to get a better look, to the point that his co-worker had to pull him back because he was getting too close. But the Housemate said that it was so cute, just like a big puppy dog. I said, "Yeah, a puppy dog that could drag you down underwater and drown you." I was not pleased by the story, but it was kind of cute. As long as he promised not to get to close to the leopard seals again, even if they do look like giant puppies. It turns out there have been very few human deaths caused by leopard seals, but still, no reason to give them another opportunity.

Humpback whale!

It could just knock over the boat if it wanted.

This bird is a skua, which came up in my last post.

On Friday: Antarctica photos without animals as their subjects. There will be glaciers.

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