Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My college roommate's visit: Waikiki

For many tourists who come here, Hawaii is Waikiki. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot, after all--a parking lot for all the tourists and the tourist business. Hotels, boutiques, restaurants, bars, and ABC cheap souvenir stores on every block, it's an area locals generally try to avoid when possible (but there are reasons even for locals to go down there). Since it was my friend's first time in Hawaii, we had to make at least a quick stop to Waikiki.

Boogie boarders catch waves near a pier at Waikiki, with Diamond Head in the background.

We spent less than an hour in Waikiki. It's so crowded, and I prefer other beaches. We made our way to Ala Moana beach park, which isn't too far but is less crowded. The water is also very calm because of an offshore reef. It's a very pleasant place to swim.

I was impressed by the reflectivity of the building, which caught the setting sun so strongly that it reflected the light onto the water as if it were the setting sun itself.

The sunset cast lovely colors on the clouds.

My footprints, just for fun.

Tomorrow, see my photos from Diamond Head!


Hezabelle said...

I LOVE that second picture! I want to go to Hawaii...

Eleni said...

Thanks! You should come some day...