Saturday, February 5, 2011

My college roommate's visit: Hanauma video

Yesterday, I told the story of the trip my college roommate and I took to Hanauma Bay. Here's the video footage I compiled from the snorkeling adventure. I forgot to show my friend how to take video on my camera, so all the footage is mine. Since I was mostly swimming at the surface of the water (the inner bay is very shallow), I get knocked around a bit by the waves, so it's not very steady. But you can see the "good spot" that we spent a lot of time at, a fish eating/playing with one of those "sea pen" seeds, a parrotfish crunching away at the algae on the reef (most of the video's sound is just annoying noise, but listen for the scraping sound!), and yes, the beautiful octopus cruising along the reef.

I hope you enjoyed my recent Hawaii photos. Next week, I'll have photos that the Housemate has taken in Antarctica; they will be posted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. First up: penguins!


Sebastian said...

OK, so the big lump was the octopus!

I obviously need to do some research into what octopuses ACTUALLY look like.

That big purple fish looked very cool. Did you work out what it was?

Eleni said...

It's tricky because the octopus was kind of cruising along the bottom, rather than swimming and extending its arms into a more recognizable shape. If I'd startled it to make it swim away, it could have been a nice shot, but then it would have swum away. I actually just came back from a diving trip where another diver had an octopus wrapped around his arm. It was really cool. Didn't have my own camera (too deep for it), but hopefully someone else will give me a picture.

I think the purple fish with the octopus is a manybar goatfish.