Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Big Island Trip: Waikoloa

The last day of our Big Island trip, the Housemate and I went with his brother's family to the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort. In addition to the beach (which we didn't actually swim at), there is an easy hike to a petroglyph field and a nice walk along ancient fish ponds.

The petroglyphs, while old, aren't ancient by some standards--I think they date back to the 16th Century--but being a legacy of the Hawaiian people pre-European influence, they're a great piece of Hawaiian cultural history. We didn't go too far down the trail because we had the kids with us--and we were really hot on that hike--but we did see a few petroglyphs.

The Housemate snapped this shot.

The Housemate took this photo of a bird looking for lunch in one of the fish ponds.

Then I got a hold of the camera. Here's a view of one of the fish ponds.

View from the beach.

The Housemate's brother and niece found a turtle!

Sleepy turtle.

A tree trunk in a fish pond.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed my photos of the Big Island. If you ever make your way to Hawaii, I highly recommend you check out the Big Island. Much less populated than O'ahu (which has the state capital Honolulu), it's younger, more pristine land, with better diving and, of course, still active volcanoes (we visited Hawaii Volcanoes National Park last year).

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