Saturday, August 20, 2011

Big Island Trip: Waipio Valley beach

After the hot, tiring hike down into Waipio Valley, we were relieved to spend an hour or so relaxing on the gorgeous black sand beach.

The weather was pretty perfect that day. The Housemate enjoyed checking out the waves. Farther down the beach, there was a wave suitable for surfing.

The Housemate's brother and niece walk down to a part of the beach that isn't quite so pebbly.

The nephew plays in the waves at the shoreline, as he is wont to do.

The effect of the black sand under the water was rather enchanting.

When I realized that a thin film of water left by a recently receded wave created a mirror over the black sand, I went a little crazy with the camera. I can't decide which photo I like the best, so I'll just throw a bunch at you. Click for larger versions.

The choppy water here is from the river outflow over the beach.

Rock, clouds, approaching wave.

I love the patterns created in the sand by water running around rocks.

Good thing there were lots of fluffy clouds that day.

A bunch of rocks with sand wake patterns.

Sky, cliff, ocean, and black-sand mirror.

Help me out: Which of the "mirror" photos do you like the best?

Edit: OK, here's two more. It's actually the same photo, but cropped differently...


Coming up next: The few diving photos I managed to get before my camera broke.

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Kathy S said...

Beautiful photos. And the first mirror photo is my favorite :)

Eleni said...

Thanks! I just threw in two more...I hadn't liked the photo they came from as a whole, but when it's cropped I like it better. None of the photos came out exactly as I'd have liked, but maybe that's just always the way with photographs :)

Vanessita said...

Beautiful place and pics!

Eleni said...

Thanks! But which "mirror" photo is your favorite? I'm looking for input ;)

Vanessita said...

That's a hard one to answer! I narrowed my choices to pics (from bottom to top): 3, 7 and 8. The best I can do! :)

Eleni said...

Haha, thanks! I have #3 as my desktop wallpaper right now :)

Sebastian Anthony said...

Ooh, nice sand! Is it actually black, or is it just the particulates in the water between the sand and the light source?

I went through a phase where I loved reflections, too. I think every landscape photographer does. You see your first mirror-smooth lake, and it's love at first sight.

Think this was one of my earliest:

Also -- the new Blogger photo viewer is awesome! Click one image and then just scroll through.

Eleni said...

The sand is black. In most of the pictures, it's just a very thin film of water covering the sand, which proceeds to soak into the sand before the next wave washes new water over it. The second photo you can see the gray color of the sand when it's dry, but it's quite black when wet.

I did have that photo about two years ago at a tide pool at sunrise. That may be my favorite mirror "lake" shot of mine. What was new in this one was that you also got the effect of the sand making streaks from the rocks.

I hadn't noticed the new photo viewer. Very convenient!