Monday, March 19, 2012

Art of Video Games Smithsonian exhibit--now open!

The Smithsonian American Art Museum's Art of Video Games exhibit is now open! Here's the exhibition trailer:

FemShep FTW!

It's now been more than a year since they started taking votes on which games to include in the exhibit, and they announced the winners last May. It looks like it all came together very nicely.

If you live or are planning on being in the Washington, D.C. area March 16 through September 30, you should try to check it out. If only I were still living in Maryland, I'd go. At least they've posted a bunch of photos from the exhibit on flickr. Check them out!

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Out of Sync said...

Ahh! Too cool! I am hoping very much to visit that soon =D

Such a big shame you won't be able to make it Eleni. It seems too amazing to pass up really.