Thursday, October 22, 2009

Busy, busy

So this month is poised to be my month with the fewest posts since January. It is sad. My excuse(s)? Well, first there was trying to catch up on work that I missed when I was away for a week in Berlin. Then there were midterms. Then I have this huge deadline at the beginning of November for something that I haven't started yet because I've been concentrating on putting my paper and talk together for Berlin, then presenting in Berlin, then doing the make-up work, then doing the midterms. I'm applying for a fellowship and money is good so it would be really good if I got a decent application together.

Anyway, sorry I haven't had more posts. Hopefully things will be better in November. The Housemate and I keep talking about November as if it's The Promised Land. We'll go to the movies... in November. I'll bake cookies... in November. We'll go to the North Shore... in November. We'll go surfing again... in November. We'll go snorkeling and hiking... in November. I'll introduce him to BSG... Sounds like I've got a busy November ahead of me.

I do have a few more posts that I hope to get out before November. One more post with Berlin pictures (the zoo), and probably a post about entertainment news. The best bit of news I just can't wait any longer to share (though putting it here will make my entertainment news post 95% less cool):

Joss Whedon is going to direct an episode of Glee!!!! ( Fox ordered the rest of a full season of Glee, and Whedon, a fan of the show, agreed to direct one of the back nine. Too exciting! Joss Whedon + Glee = too much coolness for me to handle. Squee!!


Hezabelle said...

Joss Whedon and Glee!? Awesome!

It sounds to me like your November is going to be fun!

Eleni said...

I hope November is good. We do get three days off (two for Thanksgiving and one for Veterans Day). Hopefully nothing else will come up and take all my time away.

Sebastian said...

And with Dollhouse pretty much dead in the water... we'll see the entire cast of BSG, and Dushku, in Glee!


Eleni said...

Yeah, how many Whedon people can fit into a Glee episode?

They should get NPH on that show.

Poor Dollhouse.