Friday, March 26, 2010

Dead frogs

That dead gecko yesterday reminds me of the first summer I spent at the lab I worked at for two years after graduation. That "first summer" was actually the summer before my last year of college--I returned to the lab after graduation and worked there for two more years--but that's not really important for the story. It reminds of that summer because of all the dead frogs I found and photographed.

First, here's you're run-of-the-mill roadkill dead frog. Kind of boring. And ew.

It gets better, though. Here's one I found out in the grass. It looks a bit like it met a nasty shotgun.

This one was in my office, behind my desk. First a shot to give you context.

It looks like it was hopping along and then just stopped. Gave up living, and died, no struggle, no nothing. And now it's turning to dust. I call this frog (*whispers:*) Miranda.

And lastly, the most famous of the dead frogs: the frog in the door jam. My sense from others in the lab was that he'd been there for a while before we found him, and he was still there when I left the lab three years later. Here's a close shot of the frog.

And here's his...residue...on the door.


Sebastian said...

You know, a single line about WHY you were photographing dead frogs would go a long way to making this post a lot less creepy...

(Last frog is awesome!)

Eleni said...

Hmmm, good point. I guess the "why" would simply be the last frog. Had to document that guy. So why not start a collection? The photos were probably taken in reverse order.