Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My girl Shepard

I got sunshine on a cloudy day. What can make me feel this way?

After enthusing about my wonderful spring break in the Mass Effect 2 universe, I figured I might as well show the face I was wearing for the week.

She's got the visor that increases headshot damage. I have to say, a good headshot kill always makes me laugh involuntarily (a smug little heh heh heh). Kind of disturbing.

I'll make a post later this week about the greatness of Mass Effect 2, but right now I'm totally bogged down with all the studying and problem sets that I completely ignored over break while I was busy saving humankind from the Collectors. It'll have to wait. Real Life is such a nuisance.

Speaking of BioWare games, there is currently an event going on at BioWare called the BioWare Bazaar. Unfortunately, only people in the 50 states (except Florida and New York) and D.C. can participate (legal issues...), but they're holding a mock auction for various BioWare-related merchandise. Which is awesome because, as should be readily apparent from my blog, BioWare is the developer of my favorite computer games. The top prizes are things like gaming laptops customized with Mass Effect 2 or Dragon Age: Origins art, but there are also smaller things like lithographs, posters, and t-shirts. I don't expect to be able to compete for the top prizes, but I could really use a "Genius" poster for my office (I adore Mordin).

Anyway, the currency for this auction is "tokens" which can be earned in various ways, one of which is clicks on our unique user URL. I need people to click on this link, once a day through the end of next week if possible. It will probably direct you to some page where you can buy Mass Effect 2 or Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, or something, but ignore it--it'll count the hit. So help me decorate my office and home with geeky gaming junk.

Click here!

Thanks! And if anyone else out there wants some BioWare stuff, too, I'll certainly help out!


Sam said...

Thank you for giving me another distraction rather than working on homework. Now im so fricken excited to think that im being counted on how many times I click the link, im giving the big F U to studies, whats the sad part, is im almost ok with that. :( Your character looks like a total bad-ass, I laughed picturing chortling when they kill someone with their head.

Eleni said...

Haha. Thanks for the clicks!

Holly said...

She's awesome! My shepard had the visor too, it makes you look like a badass. And then Garrus and I matched....awwww. lol

I have no time for the bioware bazzar either :( But I clicked the link!

Eleni said...

The visor is the best--it gives you some benefit while still letting you see your face (which you may have spent more time designing than you care to admit...).

Thanks for the click!

Cheesecake! said...

Clicked! And don't headshots just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Eleni said...

Hi Cheesecake! Thanks.

And yes--especially when my incendiary ammo makes them burst into flames as well.