Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our cat

After all those dead animals in my previous posts, I should probably put in photos of a live animal to compensate. I may not have mentioned it on this blog before, but there is a stray cat who comes by our house quite often. There are a lot of feral cats in Hawaii, and I see many on the UH Manoa campus, but most of them shy away if you try to approach them. This one may have belonged to someone at some point, since it is very friendly. Sad, if someone decided they didn't want it anymore and cast it out.

The cat can meow for minutes on end when asking for food. Our cat-loving housemate usually gives it milk if she hears it meowing (she and her husband buy whole milk, which the cat probably likes more than it would like my skim milk, anyway). We used to have a bag of little frozen anchovies that we'd feed it, too, but we ran out at some point. I've fed it a few other things, like leftover ham, but having been brought up as a dog person, I'm always surprised when it passes on things like cheerios or potatoes. "Beggars can't be choosers" I tell it, but I guess it isn't that desperate. I think there's at least one other neighbor who feeds it, and it did catch a mouse for us once, so it may not need our charity that much. But it still looks so skinny.

The cat sometimes gets on my nerves because it'll get under my feet when I'm carrying groceries up the stairs to the door. Plus it usually tries to slip in the door when we open it (our rent agreement forbids us from keeping pets). Then we have to go after it and kick it out. But really, it just wants to be loooved.

Cool cat

Cat gets bored of my camera

Love me, please


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Anonymous said...

awww it's nice that you feed him, he looks very pleased!

Sebastian said...

Dude, he's pretty big (long)! And definitely a bit feral/wild-looking. Wouldn't be surprised if there was a bit of LYNX in there or something.

Eleni said...

PJB - He was enjoying sitting right by the door, where he was sure to catch us when we came in or out.

Seb - I think of him as a small cat, though I guess he's slender and kind of long. A lynx? Just needs the little tufts on his ears. Now that would be cute!