Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Full set of chopstick lightsabers

Also among my many geeky Christmas presents were three pairs of lightsaber chopsticks. I already had three of the current six available styles: Luke (blue), Darth Vader, and Yoda. So for Christmas I got the remaining three: Luke (green), Mace Windu, and Darth Maul. Here's the whole collection:

My favorite has to be the Darth Maul pair. "But Darth Maul had the double-bladed lightsaber (at least until Obi Wan broke it)," you say. Luckily, the wonderful makers of the chopsabers thought that, too.

Magnets! No, you can't very well use them as chopsticks when they're stuck together like that, and they even risk attracting each other while you try to eat with them. But it's worth it, just for the pleasure of putting the ends together and discovering that they stick.

They're pricey for a pair of chopsticks, but totally worth it (if you're inclined toward that sort of thing). I highly recommend them. You can buy them as individual chopstick pairs at ThinkGeek, or in pairs of chopstick pairs (slightly cheaper in bulk, and they include chopstick rests) at Amazon by searching for "lightsaber chopsticks".


Greg Christopher said...


Anonymous said...

Whoa, those are cool! Makes me watch to eat some poke right now! LOVE it!

Eleni said...

Hi Greg! Thanks :)

Jen - Mmm, poke sounds good. I wonder what people in restaurants would think if I brought my own chopsticks...and they looked like lightsabers.

Lilia said...

SWEET!! you got the whole set!! I have Mace Windu's purple and Darth Maul's red...this geek totally agrees, it's worth it!

Eleni said...

I started out just thinking I'd get one of each color, but I guess once you're that far, might as well get all of them :) Now I need to throw a Star Wars dinner party where we use all of them.

Debashis Sharma said...

Got them yesterday and they're very well made and cute. I love em. Much better than those recyclables that you never know where the other match is.