Thursday, January 20, 2011

Photos from my flight back to Honolulu

On my flight back to Honolulu after Christmas, I had one layover, in Chicago. The flight from Chicago to Honolulu wasn't very pleasant. It was about 8.5 hours long, and they only served us drinks twice in those 8.5 hours, which I thought was very skimpy. I was parched by the end, and I had even brought along my own bottle of water from the airport, which I was forced to ration over the course of the flight. American Airlines. Serving you dry lips and dehydration headaches.

But I did have a window seat, and the flight across the country offered some lovely aerial scenes.

This is a fun optical phenomenon called a glory. The plane is between the sun and the clouds, allowing us to see the rainbow-like glory, but it also casts its shadow over the middle of it.

Snowy peaks. I don't know where this was--somewhere between Chicago and the California coast.

Frosty brown earth

Placid blue lake. At least it seems placid from this altitude.

I was wondering where we'd hit the west coast, but my question was easily answered once we got there. Just about the only coastal California landmark I could easily identify went right by my window: the Golden Gate Bridge. The photo cuts it off, but that line of clouds continues, extending San Francisco's famous fog over the land to the northeast. I guess we were lucky the bridge was visible.


Hezabelle said...

Beautiful pictures! I need a small camera that can take good window pictures. Actually, someday when I get a new small camera, I'll probably get yours exactly. haha

Greg Christopher said...

Nice pics. I'm surprised you were able to see so much. Usually I see mostly clouds the whole time. Must have been a clear day

Javier Briseño said...

I agree with Greg, it's very hard to spot that much but clouds. Thanks for sharing the photos.

the princess said...

That's awesome, I love the golden gate picture! :)

Eleni said...

Hez - Thanks! I'm very happy with my camera, since I use it while swimming as well. I think you can get better photos or a cheaper camera if you don't care about the waterproof/shockproof/dustproof feature. But I don't know about non-waterproof point-and-shoots, because all I researched was the waterproof ones.

Greg - Thanks. There were a lot of clouds, but the flight covered enough ground that the whole way wasn't obscured. And I was lucky with the Golden Gate Bridge.

Javier - Well I thought the clouds looked pretty cool anyway, especially when I got to see the glory.

The Princess - Thanks :)

the princess said...

Eleni- I just thought I would let you know that I gave you a blog award, it's on my most recent post, if you want it :)

Amy said...

Beautiful photos! I never remember to take pictures on the plane and seeing these lovelies will hopefully remind me to do so in the future. So neat that you spotted the Golden Gate Bridge!

Eleni said...

Princess - Thanks so much!

Amy - Thanks. I was lucky this time. I've flown over a few landmarks before (e.g. Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon), but this may be the first time I got a clear, identifiable photo.

Sebastian said...

Yay, the last picture! That little strip along the side of the mountain... I was there! In September!

Driving along that road, at dusk... so very beautiful. Looked out to the Pacific.

This shot was taken to the left of your photo, looking out into the ocean (it's covered in fog, in true San Francisco style...)

Eleni said...

Oh cool! Lovely photo. The fog is just magnificent.