Friday, July 17, 2009

Emmy nominees 2009

Hawaii vacation and I'm sitting inside with my computer at my grandparents' apartment. I guess it's not really a vacation, since I'm moving here, though it won't feel like I'm actually living here until I get a house. Working on that. Still, I haven't been to the beach or even gone walking around anywhere particularly picturesque. I will have photos at some point. I promise.

Anyway, the 2009 Emmy nominees were announced yesterday. I'd just like to give a quick shout-out to the nominees from "my shows"...

Lost was nominated for Best Drama Series, with Michael Emerson receiving a nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Lost had a great penultimate season, and I have high hopes for an even more mind-blowing final season. Emerson's Ben continues to be one of the most compelling villains (?) on TV.

How I Met Your Mother was nominated for Best Comedy Series, and Neil Patrick Harris got a nod for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. This is certainly my favorite comedy series at the moment, though with Emmy favorites such as 30 Rock also nominated, I don't think its chances for a win are that high. And NPH is awesome. His Barney is hilarious, and he finally got to show some heart and vulnerability this season.

Kristin Chenoweth was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in Pushing Daisies. I miss Pushing Daisies so much! But of all the cast, I do think she stood out the most. A quirky character in an already quirky show. And whenever she burst in to song, I'd fall in love with the show all over again.

Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons got a nomination for Best Actor in a Comedy Series. The nerdiest, dorkiest, geekiest character in a nerdy, dorky, geeky show. Some people think the show's a bit too much, but I love it. And his character is definitely the standout.

Last but not least, The Colbert Report and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart were both nominated for Best Variety, Music, or Comedy Series. I love them both. Don't make me choose just one!

I know it was a short season, but I'm still disappointed that the Emmy voters have again neglected to include Battlestar Galactica in their nominations. Not surprised. Just disappointed.

The Emmy Awards will be presented on September 20. Neil Patrick Harris is hosting.

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