Saturday, July 25, 2009

Finally--the beach!

Things have been totally crazy for the past week. I've been busy doing family lunches/dinners/outings with various grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. And I've been looking for a house to rent, again and again finding ads that sound so promising only to be disappointed by the actual house. But today, after a week and a half of being here in Hawaii, I finally made it to the beach! And I have new pictures!

These were all taken out at Haleiwa on the North Shore (of O'ahu). I have Haleiwa photos from previous visits that are already up on this blog, but hopefully these are different enough to be interesting.

The beach has several patches of this very rough, dark volcanic rock, which the waves carve into cool shapes.

Interesting tree

Green sea turtle by the shore

No, you may not ride on the sea turtles

But this is allowed!

What I really need is a waterproof camera so I can take photos of fish and turtles underwater when I snorkel (and eventually scuba, once I learn how). I think I might try a "Guide to Hawaii" series on my blog in one of the coming weeks. Once I find the time to get around to writing it.

More pictures as they come!




Anonymous said...

There's a turtle? Just right there? wow!

Eleni said...

Yeah, the turtles swim right up into shallow water, and even sometimes come up on shore to sun themselves. It's very cool. You're not allowed to disturb them, but they don't seem particularly disturbed usually when you get pretty close to them. Sometimes they even swim towards you. They're so cute.

RhodeIsland Alissa said...


Eleni said...

Yup, I'm loving it here!